Friday, April 13, 2007

Today has been a sad day

I just feel I should say something about my friend Dianne. Unfortunately Dianne passed away last Tuesday night after suffering a massive stroke. She was buried today. Dianne was a good friend over the years but in the last years we have not seen so much of each other. Mainly meeting down at the local shops or funny enough at the doctors surgery when she was there with her little grand daughters who she looked after when school was out for the day as their mother worked afternoons. Her grand daughter had pushed a bead up her nose. Dianne's son, Joshua, was for many years my third son's best friend. Jacob and Josh were as thick as thieves and spent just about every waking hour together. They drifted apart quite a few years back but still are pleased to see each other when they do meet. Both are men now. Today we said goodbye to Dianne and even though one of Dianne's daughter came to the house to tell me she had passed away it hadn't really sunk in. At the small Chapel where the service was held they had pictures of her everywhere and I suddenly realised that Dianne had died. I feel very sad as she was such a lovely lady. One of those good people you are privileged to meet in life. I feel like I really need to have a good cry even though the eyes have been sprouting liquid off and on all day. So I just wanted to tell you all about Dianne. I needed to say how much her friendship had meant to me over the years and how much I will miss her even though I hadn't seen much of her lately.

Monday, April 09, 2007

If I wait for some pretty photo's

then it will be a long time in between blogs. Jacob is away and I can take all the photos I want to but I don't know how to get them from camera to computer. I must learn this trick so I am not beholden to him to do it.

I have been busy again. For the first time since 2002 I have done some cleaning and sorting. Oh don't worry people's who dont know me the house has been cleaned lots in the last 5 years. I hurt myself at work and with this that and the other I have been unable to do the mother and wifely side of cleaning and sorting etc. I am fortunate in having a terrific husband and wonderful children who can do cleaning, washing, cooking etc.

Anyways the spring cleaning sorting etc just have not happened. I have had a huge sort out in the main bedroom. Bags of stuff went to the Good Sami's. I have been unpacking stuff that had been packed for several years when we painted the main living area. I think I like my house again. It is looking quite nice again.

So now I am sorting out my stitching room. I should be shot really. I own more stash than the shop does. So at the moment I am sorting through hundreds of magazines. I have to be ruthless. Unless I desperately want to stitch something from the magazine then it is going. Out of about 7 or 8 magazine holders I have dwindled it down to 1 1/2 holders so far. I still have at least a dozen holders or more to go through. I am going to use all the nice boxes I keep collecting and sort out my silks and threads into them. I will label the box so I can see what is in which box. I think I will go through my charts and get rid of the ones I am half hearted about as well.

On the stitching front I have really made in roads into Papillon Creations St Sofia. I am hoping to keep the momentum going until I finish it. I am at least half way I reckon (a bit of Australianism with that word). The trouble is.......there are so many other things calling me and it would be a shame to ruin the reputation as being the most prolific starter.

Easter has been quiet. Literally as Alan and the kids went away on a fishing trip. This is why all the cleaning and sorting has happened. I had an excellent day on Sunday. Cathy & Marilyn came over and we stitched, talked and ate all day. Mmmmm chocolate.......