Friday, October 26, 2007

Never Enough Stash

At our 2nd TW GTG we decided to have a secret gift exchange. I was the lucky recipient of this 4 My Boys freebie that the gorgeous Amanda Lake kitted up for me. My first stitching with Crescent Colours. They are gorgeous to stitch with and I fully intend to stock them in my shop. Anyway I asked Helen to finish this one as a flat fold. Oh I was thrilled to bits with the finished product.

Barnabee's Quest

I realised I never posted a picture of this finished Barnabee's Quest. Helen is a helvoafinisher (her moniker). I am thrilled to have stitched this and then had Helen finished it so lovely. I stitched this on Quakers Cloth hand dyed by me. The colour is a very pale yellow called Aussie Sunshine. Just Nan's bellpull ware and Tassel thingy are just gorgeous.

Nita's Heart

This is my version of the design that has been dubbed Nita's Heart. It is a freebie on the better homes and garden site. I stitched it on 28 count navy with dmc 111. My finisher Helen finished as a cushion for me. I am very pleased with it.

My Gorgeous Children

We went to my sister-in-laws wedding last Saturday (20th October) and I wanted to show off my 4 gorgeous boys and one daughter in law (the other one was taking the photo).
So right to left
Jarrad, Anthony, Marilyn, Kenric at the back and then Jacob. I must say I was very proud of them.

Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Photo of our new kitten

We went and chose our new kitten this weekend just gone. She is an "Australian Tiffanie" or a Long Haired Burmilla. She has brown colouring. Her name is Millicent. We get her in a month.

Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Monasterium Designs

I am very excited to say that I have been granted the distribution rites to these designs. I am hurriedly trying to get the models stitched for these designs. Here is progress so far of Willies Quaker Band. I am stitching it on 28 count Antique Quakers Cloth with another gorgeous silk of Jo's called "Pacific Ocean".

I have been Stitching

This year has been a good year for me in the stitching department. I have, for a change, been enjoying it. I am excited to be attending the "Stitching on the Verandah" class with Janie Hubble of the Cat's Whiskers. I have so far completed the Stitching Roll part. I did, however, decide to change the colour of the words. I am not an orange person. This is the third colour I tried.
I have also recently finished a freebie created by Monasterium Designs for Colours Down Under. I stitched this with Jo's thread called "Dandenong ". It will be available on my website to download as soon as I get organised

Long Time No Blog

It has been so long I am not sure I remember how to do the link things etc but I'll have a go.

The winter has been rough in terms of the pain department so I haven't felt like blogging.

I have heaps of stuff for show and tell so I will just do little bits and pieces.

Firstly I'd like to show you some updated pics of Harry. He is so gorgeous. It has taken me a while to fall in love with him but I now adore him. He is such a little fox and loves to help us do all sorts of stuff. Unfortunately for him he is a naughty boy and wants to visit the neighbours so he is not allowed to go outside. Lindsay on the other hand is a miss goody two shoes and just stays in the back yard so she is allowed out. You can see by the picture Lindsay is outside and Harry is inside.
In the winter I bought the two kids a heated cat bed each. Here is a picture of Harry on his.