Saturday, December 12, 2009

Here Tis

Photos of my shop. I am off to bed. We were at the shop almost 12 hours today but it is ready for the opening tomorrow morning. Stupid opening at Christmas time I know but I would have being paying rent for nothing (well that is not true as I negotiated rent free time). Anyway, once decided then action is warranted and anyway I needed the stock out of the house before I went mad.

I love my shop. It is so old worldy and has a nice atmosphere and with tomorrow being a forecast of 38 degrees celcius (that is pretty darned hot to the Fahrenheit people) then the atmosphere had better be not to bad. Thank god for air-conditioners is all I say. I am still talking hubby into letting me take a second one down as I hate hate hate hot.
The shop came with a first one.

Anyway here are some photos that my dear friend Ann took today before we were finished. The back stitching room is reasonably tidy now. Ann and her DH came back this evening and you couldn't see the table for stuff on it. Ann is a marvel and when she left it was tidied all up. She runs rings around me I can tell you.

Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Big News

For Colours Down Under. We are going into a bricks and mortar shop. I decided 2 weeks ago that I wanted to expand and needed my home back again. Started to look around and viewed many shops that I was not exactly what I wanted and then took a little look at a little place down in the heart of Armadale in a place called Pioneer Village. It has lots of parking (for all my customers) LOL. Easily accessible and has the dinkiest little shop that looks like a pioneers cottage. It has 5 areas so lots of room for expansion. Anyway, after an anxious wait for the owner to get back from his holiday overseas I managed to get him to meet with me at the shop Monday evening before the sun went down. I am so happy with everything and will hopefully have the papers signed by the first week of December and then move in will commence.

So Perth girls you will be able to visit whenever you want. We will be opening Monday to Saturday at the stage.

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Jarrad & Megan's Wedding

My eldest son got married at our house on the 12th September. It was a lunch time wedding and after a terrible wet and windy week the sun peaked out of the clouds and continued to warm the day as it went on. There was only 1 short burst of rain just as the celebrant pronounced them man and wife and we all felt that it was a good omen as the Italians believe that rain on a wedding day is good. Megan's friend Megan came over from Ohio America for the occassion and she gave her good friend away. It was such a fabulous day with all their family and friends around to share the day. Here are some photos. Megan looked gorgeous and of course my son looked handsome.

Life Time Member of UFO/WIP clubs

One of the groups I am on asked the question about UFO/WIP's. The photo below is why I will always be a life time member of any UFO/WIP club. It is my cupboard where I store them all. I do have a 10 plastic drawer cabinet that my rotation is in. 1 in each drawer. Anyway, I digress, as usual. This cabinet is about 186cms wide (or 73 inches). Each project has it's own plastic project case or zipper envelope. Just thought I would share. This isn't my stash btw just the projects I have started. I like to start around 50 a year. I don't have to finish that many and believe me I would never be able to as I like BAPS.

Monday, October 19, 2009

The Singing Mermaid

has until the last week or so still continued to be my focus piece of stitching. I took a break to stitch the Halloween exchange I was in (and forgot yet again to take a photo of it before sending).
Unfortunately due to the stupid frog spending far too much time at the house my progress has not been as much as I had hoped and has indeed caused a bit of a lull in my enthusiasm to continue to only stitch on this piece. Sooooo I decided that it was time to start doing my rotation again.

The Singing Mermaid is in the number one place in the rotation. My rotation has 10 projects. I have a very short attention span so I usually just put a length of thread in each one at a time. Sometimes I might put several lengths into a project before going onto the next one. It works for me and it keeps me stitching for hours.

So today I am going to show you the updated photo of the Mermaid and as usual Millie decided she needed to get into the photo. So not only does she need to walk all over the stitching, lay on it but add some of her fibres to the piece as well.

Thursday, August 27, 2009

Another Update on the Singing Mermaid

Well a long overdue update on the Band Sampler that is a mystery by the gorgeous Martina Dey of Wiehenburg fame. Just as a reminder this mystery is a very cheap 11 Euros and for that you get 3 different versions of nautical type samplers. One is a bellpull type sampler with a gorgeous saying by Sheakespeare in A Midsummers Night Dream. The second is another bellpull type sampler without the words and the arrangement of motives is a little different. The third is a square sampler 350 x 350 with lots of nautical type motives including sea monsters. All are stunning and you can apply to join at this

I have stitched on this since the photo was taken but with sick family members and wedding dress shopping and all the other things that go with everything I have just now had time to do this update.

Sunday, August 09, 2009

More Mermaiding

Not sure if Mermaiding is a real word but if not it is a Janine word. Well despite being a stall holder at a 3 day fair last weekend and then having to go back to Wyalkatchem today I have managed to stitch on my Mermaid's Song. I just love this sampler. I really feel that I may finish this one. It is an unbelievable fun stitch and when I pick it up I find it hard to put down. I am not really doing it in page succession as Martina has sent me the whole lot of charts to try and get them stitched before the girls on the mystery group do. So now I have completed pages 1 & 2 and part of 3 and part of 5. I really want to do the square sampler as well to compliment this band sampler.

So here are the pictures and as usual Millie has to get in on the act. I promise it is me stitching this and not her. She likes to inspect my stitching to make sure I don't make any mistakes. Now I must go and add more to this spectacular sampler and if you are intrigued enough please go to the group and find out how you can also stitch this gorgeous sampler.

Tuesday, August 04, 2009

A Small Contest

I have just received my first Mystic Stitch design. If you can guess which one it is I will send you a prize. I have extensive stash so it will be a good prize. First one to guess right gets the prize. Make sure I can get in touch with you.

Sunday, July 26, 2009

So The First Page Is Done

On Friday I got a phone call from my dear friend Martina telling me she had sent me an email with a picture of a new sampler that she had designed. Would I look at it and tell her what I think. Oh my, she has out done herself yet again. I am always amazed at the designs that Martina does and I cannot believe the amount of them that she does. Anyway, I was totally in love with her square sampler and was, as usual, very impatient to know when it was coming out. She said she needed to make it better. I then got a phone call an hour later with her saying she had designed a band sampler using a lot of the same motifs using a saying by Shakespeare from A Midsummers Night Dream. One of her friends had told her the quote and wanted a band sampler.

So I nagged and I nagged and then I promised that if she allowed me to have the chart immediately then I would get a move on and continue stitching her diamond chart called Vierlanden Sampler - Hilke. I put in remarks like "I have nothing to stitch" & "I am waiting here with my needle threaded waiting". Luckily for me she gave in. So I am now uploading a picture of both samplers

You can get the Mermaid Song in a group that will be created in the next few days. The cost is 11 Euros and there will be 3 options. All are just stunning and if you don't want to stitch all 3 of them then you will have difficulty choosing which one. There is Mermaid Song with the words. Another band sampler featuring the symbols in a slightly different composition and a most gorgeous square sampler.

So the first page of Mermaid Song is completed by me. I am using Weddingen 30 count in an Antique White, 2 over 2 stitching with Dinky Dye's Down Under Blue. Jo's silks are just gorgeous to stitch with and Down Under Blue is an almost navy blue colour with a slight variegation of a royal blue colour. Perfect in my opinion. LOL

The 2nd picture is Hilke. I am again using the same fabric and again 2 over 2 stitching with Dinky Dye silks. The black is Black Coral and the red is Desert Pea.

Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Updates are long overdue

and what is my excuse. Well my camera and I had an argument and I boycotted it for a few months. I decided to give it another chance tonight and it decided to behave itself. In the meantime I have lost the chance to get whatever the chance of getting was on 2 SAL's. Oh well, such is life, and truthfully I probably needed getting that chance thing is not needed by me and more needed by others, which is why I never enter competitions on blogs because I have far too much stash and others are surely in need of it any prizes far more than I am. Anyway I will add some catch up pictures for you all to see.

Oh I forgot to add that the Hot Air Balloon wedding is this Saturday. So far I have managed not to think about said ride in the balloon and hopefully I can keep it at bay until I have to get in the damned thing. I took Megan Marie to get some wedding finery today. She bought a lovely outfit. I will pop some photos on the blog after the event.

So here is some stitching.

I am doing a SAL each week with Paula. We are stitching on a HAED design. Luckily Paula is like me and we don't have to stick to the one design. It all happened one evening when we were chatting about how gorgeous we think HAED designs are. She then tried very hard to enable me by sending me a hundred links of gorgeous designs. I, however, did not cave this time. This week I chose to stitch on Black Cherry. This is one SAL that I have stuffed up so wont get the other quickie designs in the SAL. Oh well..... Anyway, I am still on page one even though Fudgie has sent out the 3rd page. I am really enjoying this design and I will gift it to my great niece Caitlin when I have finished it.

The next photo is of the Welcome Band I am stitching. It is a Wiehenburg sampler and just stunning. I was going to gift it but I am afraid I don't think I will be able to part with it. I am now on page 5 with 3 more pages to go after this one.

Millie and Harry decided to come and check out what I was doing when I was taking the photos.

I have had a few finishes this year and my finisher finished them to perfection like she always does. I am forever grateful that she does my finishing as I just hate finishing with a passion.

These are a couple of Blue Ribbon freebie designs that I stitched up on some of my reject hand dyed fabric.

These are some Whitman Chocolate tin designs that I stitched. Aren't they cute?

Wednesday, March 04, 2009

And on the Stitching Front

It has been such an up and down time for stitching with me. I have had some good weeks of stitching and not so good weeks. Last week was not good and so far this one has not been spectacular. Here are a few updates of stitching progress.

Mary Thompson so far. She should have been finished by now.

A Haed Design it is an Oriental lady with an iris.

Haed QS Black Cherry

Bent Creek Snapperbet

Jarrad's & Megan's Wedding Sampler Black Swan Dragons Heart

The Beatrix Potter SAL so far


On the scratching post

What a Week

Last week was a shocker. Firstly I had my handbag stolen. I always think it wont happen to me and it did. I lost my new handbag that Marilyn bought me in Melbourne the beginning of February so it is back to the tatty old one for now. I lost my GPS, Prescription Sunglasses, Mobile Phone and my purse with all my cards in it and a cheque for $800 that I had written out a couple of days before and $30.00 in cash along with numerous other things that I guess I will lament over in time. Nothing seem to go right with CDU and I have a mother of a toothache and I have to wait for my new HBF cards to come because yes they were in my purse and my right hip is going into spasms like nobody's business. It my sciata nerve (I think) and travelling down my right leg. Kenric was very busy and when he came over I got him to treat his father's back (as he has to go and do such physically hard work everyday). Tomorrow he is coming over for his 26th birthday (Kenric that is) so I will let him treat me then.

I have heaps to blog about but I couldn't be bothered taking photo's to begin with and then when I could I couldn't find my card reader so I could upload photos onto the computer. Today I finally gave up and went out and bought another one. I bet the other one will turn up now.

My first photos are of 2 of the cats. First one is Harry. We call him Helpful Harry. He loves it when new stock arrives and large boxes and parcels arrive. A couple of weeks or so ago Martina Dey's (of Wiehenburg fame) order arrived and he was straight on the box.

Monday, January 26, 2009

Stitching for our Australia Day Weekend

I have had a fairly good weekend of stitching.

On Saturday I didn't end up stitching. I spent the day looking at others stitching.

Sunday my DIL, Marilyn came for the day as Kenric had to work at the local hospital. They both stayed for a BBQ and Jarrad and Jacob and my MIL came over as well. Anyway, Marilyn, wanted to watch the CI channel on Fox so I sat in with her and stitched on "The Hunt". This is a SAL I am doing with one of my groups. I am using a white fabric with a HDF silk. I have no idea of the colour name.

Sunday evening I mucked around and then I stitched on The Unicorn Sampler by Sampler House. I forgot to take a picture of it for this session so I will take one next time I stitch on it. I started it last year.

Today I had my friends over for a GTG. It was a lovely day and I managed to stitch a bit more on The Unicorn Sampler. I had a nap and then I woke and stitched on Wiehenburg's Welcome Band. This is just a gorgeous sampler. I am stitching it on Weddingen linen with my most favourite colour thread "Mingenew" dyed by Dinky Dyes. I just love this colour. Here is my progress so far.

I just love this sampler.

Lastly I stitched on "Sew Cozy". I absolutely hate stitching on this. Anyway I am determined to finish it and it is one of my UFO picks for the year. Today I managed to completely finish a small piece that was on the top of the blue cupboard in the left hand bottom cupboard. I also added some stitches to other bits of the cupboard and also backstitched some parts of the cupboard as well. Here is the result.

Last picture is of Chatelaine's Convent Herbal Garden. I started this when it was Mystery II. I really want to finish it. So I have also nominated it to be one of my UFO pieces for 2009. I stitched on this during last week.

Saturday, January 24, 2009

It's Been A Long Time

And I get so disappointed when I go to my blog and I discover that I have not magically added another blog to the last one. I have come to terms with the fact that it is just not going to be done by some others hand like a blog fairy. Wouldn't it be just fantastic if you could think your blog and decide what photo needed to be taken to go with the thinking and then you logged onto your blog and there it was all done for you?

Anyway I had a great year for 2008 on the stitching front I managed to complete 20 projects. I believe 2 of them were from previous years and the rest were starts and finishes.

I have started the year with quite a few starts. I believe, that this year I will out do myself with starting. How come we never celebrate our starts like we do our finishes? Some weeks, I could be Happy Dancing quite a few times a week. I think we should do this or create a happy little signal that signifies a start. Well we know when we read a subject line that says Happy Dance that a stitcher probably has finished something. So I think suggestions would be a great idea for a happy signal that will signal a start.

Okay I need to show you my 2 photos I have taken today. The first one is of Dark Cherry which is a HAED QS (although how anyone can call any HAED chart a QS I don't know)SAL pattern. Have you been to the HAED BB and seen some of those progress pictures of this particular SAL? Crumbs they leave me for dead. One of the stitchers looks like she has finished the first page. I thought 400 or 500 stitches over 2 stitching sessions was doing well. LOL

The second picture is of that dratted Paula Vaughan's Good Neighbour. I think I will be really proud of this when I eventually finish it and I can tell you I am holding a ball (as in dancing) when I finish it. So you will know I have finished the thing when you get an invitation to come and have a dance with me. I started it in 1999. I can remember one year I stitched on it heaps. How come I didn't finish it then? Anyway I have made a commitment on my UFO group that I will try and put some stitches into each week. So ya never know I might even finish the project. But don't hold me that one please.

Okay well that is enough of the prattle now.