Monday, October 13, 2008

Saturday's GTG

How blessed am I that I can have 3 days of the week getting together with my cross stitch friends. Different lots of friends as well. Today's blabber is about Saturday's GTG. I know that JM would just love to be here to GTG as well but it is a bit far from Tasmania so she couldn't come. Susan or Cathy (can't remember which one) forgot to bring their camera and with that a light bulb idea came upon me. I have a digital camera. I do forget that the purpose of this camera can be for other things besides taking photos of cross stitch. Imagine that!

Anyway JM here we all are. I am not really going to blabber about the GTG on Saturday as I know that Cathy has and so will Susan when she gets to do some blogging. Well they wont blabber they will, in fact, write some intelligent stuff that actually flows. I tend to have a mind that skips and jumps all over the place and I find it hard to write in any sort of logic. The reader has to know that I have changed subjects without actually having announced that I have and all sorts of other junk that I just can't write.

So here are the photos

This is Cathy, Diane and Susan

This is Diane. She is showing someones's HAED RR that she has finished stitching on. A stunning piece.

Susan & Cathy are looking at another of the HAED RR

Janine & Susan discussing a pieced of fabric

Janine, Susan & Diane's response to a bit of wisdom I am giving them

Diane telling the girls which Dragon bit stitched from which Dragon HAED design is stitched on this RR.

Kenric Charles Smith

This is a photo of my second son Kenric and his fiance Marilyn. Kenric and Marilyn met when they were 16 and even though their relationship has had it moments of rockiness they have grown together are very happy. They have been engaged for over 4 years now and tell me that they plan to marry in 2010. Well you can't hurry these things can you? Actually they have been busy studying. Kenric qualified as a Physiotherapist 3 years ago and then Marilyn started Uni the following year. She has 2 exams to go and then stints at 2 different hospitals (4 weeks each) and she will be a nurse. Exceptional for a girl who never did her TEE (needed for University entrance here in Western Australia) and certainly didn't study any sort of Maths or Science in her last 2 years of High School. She has achieved all distinctions and high distinctions at University. We are so proud of these 2 kids.

Today we got news that makes us even prouder. Kenric has been offered a place at Notre Dame University in Fremantle to study Medicine. His father & I are so over the moon. Kenric has worked so hard to get into Medicine. The Navy phoned him this morning to ask him if he had got his letter yet? He is doing Medicine through the Navy (if he gets into the Navy). RAN have intimated that he will get into the Navy. They will pay all the University fees, all his personal costs like books, medical equipment he needs and lots of other things like a percentage of a mortgage when he gets one, all medical, dentistry, glasses etc. Also rent until he gets that mortgage and then match the first home buyers scheme. And then to add to this a very good starting wage that will go up each year. He then has to give them 5 years after he qualifies. He gets to study at the University of his choice. This is the only way he can afford to do this and continue to go forward in this life.

I had to share the news. On top of this these 2 kids are the most caring young couple you could ever wish to meet. And we are going to live with them when we are too old to look after ourselves. hahahahahaha

Monday, September 29, 2008

An Update on the Welcome Sampler

Well it is a band sampler in the quaker style. I am stitching it on 34 Count Fawn Weddingen linen using Dinky dyes Mingenew. Mingenew is my all time favourite colour from the Dinky Dye range. I do however love a lot of them but if I had to choose one colour only this would be it. So page one is finished and I am into page two. I wont to try and do a fair bit of this one before I put it down.

Tuesday, September 23, 2008

So as I Procrastinate

I make excuses from stitching. Now why I don't know because I am actually enjoying stitching these days. I have played Pogo and then looked on eBay and I shouldn't be as I am trying to break the habit. Haven't managed to yet but have reduced the buying.

Anyway I thought another cat picture would be good. This one is of the new cat enclosure that we have built. I say we when it really should be Alan as I have done nothing towards the actual physical building of it. I did do the planning. The cats love the new enclosure so now they can run up and down the side of the house and through the house and now they can sit out in the sun and roll in the dirt. In fact, I had words with Ruphert tonight about how dirty his feet were. As soon as the weather warms a bit and roll on lawn is available with green on it then the kids get some lawn to sit on. They need lawn to eat and roll on and then when that is down the hammock goes in. Well they need a place to laze in the sun.

Anyway the picture is of Millie, Harry and Ruphert in the new enclosure.

This next picture is of Harry & Millie

Monday, September 08, 2008

Well I Am Going to Bore the Pants off You

By introducing my family. Well I thought I would. Firstly I thought I should introduce my cats. I will do this gradually over the weeks. I love my cats. I call them "The Kids". I am very happy with the 5 that I have (well the 15 year old says I only own 4 as he owns 1 of them).

This is my beautiful Harry. Harry is a Somali. My dear MIL Beryl bought him for me for my 50th birthday last year. He is a very naughty boy that likes to be in the thick of any activity that is going on in the house. He likes to help with housework, sorting out things, greeting visitors and anything else you don't want him doing. Actually he is gorgeous and has a lovely personality. He has not really chosen me as his human. He prefers Jacob. Jacob doesn't even live with us but comes over 4-5 days a week. Jacob loves Harry and says when he gets his own house he is getting 2 Somali's (now there is a person who likes trouble) and he is going to call them Tom & Dick so then we will have every Tom, Dick & Harry. Got to love that boy's humour. Harry was 1 on the 30th January this year. This picture is taken of him on his cat bed. It is heated for him so he wont be cold.

I Know, I know

It has been awhile since I last blogged. As with everyone if I don't have a picture I feel I can blog. I can never be bothered taking pictures and then when I do I don't upload them onto the computer. Anyway I wanted to tell you that I have already set up up some stitching commitments for next year. Well one can never be too organised can they? Here I am chuckling to myself because those who know me know that not only am I not organised, I hate organisation. Which, of course, means that I constantly live in mayhem or in another word a mess. Anyway I digress....My organisational skills for next year's stitching. I have joined in essence 2 SALs.
The first one is the Needleprint Beatrix Potter Quaker SAL. I picked this up on ebay from Jacqueline as a PDF chart as I was stupid and didn't buy it when it first became available. A PDF chart is not the same as an original Needleprint and this is the only Needleprint chart I didn't own. (At least I think it is.) Anyway as luck would have the lovely Becky from the Needleprint Yahoo group offered hers for sale and as the luck continued I was on the computer when the email came through and even more luck we agreed on a price so I am going to be the proud owner of a chart I never thought I would get.
Digressing again....The 2nd SAL is the most perfect RR I have ever heard of. It is called Me, Myself & I and I am in the second group. It is a neighbourhood RR and boy have I ever salivated over some of these most gorgeous RR and the finished product. But really would they ever come back that way and now that I have my stitching mojo back do I really want to lose it again by committing to a RR that I may or may not be able to keep up with. This RR is perfect because I get to design my RR and then I don't have to hope that someone will stitch something I like cause I get to stitch it and I don't have to post it off and hope it comes back, cause I keep it in my possession all the time. a

Tuesday, July 08, 2008

Last Post for today

I know it has been a long process but if I don't do it now I will forget. The Bee by Just Nan. I know it is not the official name but I can't remember what it is and I can't be bothered going for a look. I stitched this and made it up Good Friday. I keep forgetting to take a photo of it. I thought it was cute.

A New Finish

Sunday night while I waited for the youngest lad to go to bed. (He sometimes needs to sit with me if he has a few anxieties and apparently he did that night. Probably to do with going back to school (it is school holidays here at the moment) because he is in a specialist performing arts program and they are getting ready for a big production.) Anyway, I digress. So I put down the wiehenburg stitching I was doing and picked up a Bent Creek Zipper kit I had laying around the room and decided to stitch it. I love doing these kits as they whip up quickly and I love the sensation of the textures of the fabric and #5 Perle in my hands. I think that is why I love fabric. Any fabric really (well embroidery fabric as I am not into sewing, sewing.). I finished the kit last night. I think it was about 3 1/2 hours of stitching all together. Might have been a bit more. Cute I think. It is called Summer House and yes I have the other 3 houses to stitch to make the seasonal set.

Prairie Schooler Pinkeep Exchange

Today's mail bought me a gorgeous Pinkeep made by Linda from Oregon. It just lovely and the stitching is perfect. I am so pleased with this exchange. It is my first pinkeep I have and I couldn't have asked for a better one. I also got a gorgeous postcard and one of those tiny PS designs. I love those and some gorgeous bath soap. Thanks Linda.

SB Love Scissor Fob

I stitched this fob ages ago. Earlier this year. I think I finished stitching it in April. It has been completely finished for a little while as well. Anyway thought I would share the finished product. I am rather addicted to these little guys as I have a bit of a fetish for scissors as well and the kit comes with scissors. Woo Hoo. What more could a person ask for. I have quite a few other kits and 2 more started. No make that 3 more started. hehehehe

Thursday, July 03, 2008

So While I Wait

For Jacob to finish what he is doing so I can add Petite Braid to Colours Down Under I am cheating and doing non work stuff.

I thought I would show you an update on the Wiehenburg Quaker Welcome sampler that I am stitching. It has not been released yet but Martina has generously let me do the first stitch.

Thursday, June 12, 2008

My Christmas Chook WIP

I have since finished the actual chook since this photo was taken and the first stitches have been put into the snippet tray. The real name is Merry Noel and it is one of the clever designs done by Judith of Twisted Oaks. I have a few of TO designs to stitch. The other chook is one of them. I am stitching this on the asked for fabric and the Dinky Dyes chosen for the design. Just gorgeous. I am very happy with my chook.

Yet another Wip

I just love this design. It is ABC Tapestry by Rosewood Manor. In fact, there are a few of Karen's designs that I like. Well more than a few. Don't you just love Her forests and stocking and I see there is a garden one as well and that Inspiration to just gorgeous. All starts I have planned. Anyway again I am using Weddingen 34 count Fawn and my most favourite Mingenew by Dinky dyes. I have a hank of it and intend to buy another one down the track.

Wednesday, June 11, 2008

The Dreaded Sew Cozy

Proof that I am still stitching the damned thing. What can I say except it is lovely when stitched.

Another Wip

This is the start of another gorgeous design not yet published by Wiehenburg. Martina has been so kind to allow me to start model stitching it for my shop. It is her Welcome Quaker Band as can be seen on her blog. I am stitching it on 24 count Weddingen with Jo's Dinky Dye silk Mingenew. This is my favourite thread and most favourite colour.


A WIP Photo

Well I thought I would show you my progress so far on Wiehenburg Vierlanden Sampler. I started it when it was a mystery. It is now sold has Ancke. I am finished up to page 12 and have started on page 13. This is my most favourite of all the Wiehenburg Samplers. I love them all but this is the best.

A Close up of the start of page 13

So I took some photos today.

The first show and tell is a photo of my eldest son Jarrad with his girlfriend. She travelled from Ohio to Perth in Western Australia in March/April to meet Jarrad for the first time. They have known each other for years but haven't be romantically interested for all of that time. Anyway the long and the short of it is that he has is going to bring her over to live. They seem very happy with each. You can tell that Megan has come from snow and we have just been through summer.

Tuesday, June 03, 2008

I can show you this now

I can show you the model I stitched now as the Gift OF Stitching has released the issue for June. I stitched the model for Monasterium Designs using Weddingen 34 count linen in Fawn using Dinky Dyes Mingenew. My favourite thread colour. I am also using this thread to stitch ABC Tapestry by Rosewood Manor on the same fabric I might add. I love this design and I was very happy when it was agreed that I would stitch the model for Kirsten to photograph for TGOS.

Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Biscornu for Exchange

It has been ages since I posted on my blog. I have been meaning to. I needed some photos taken but just haven't got around to doing that either. I have had 6 or 7 finishes so far this year. I think I have two on my posts that I have made this year. One I can't show for another month and a bit. This one is the latest finish. It is a biscornu I made for an exchange in a yahoo group called SNS2. I have been with this group for years and years but I don't seem to participate very often. I thought I would this time. I hope my recipient likes what I have stitched. It is from that wonderful supply of patterns that are being charted of My Aunt's Attic. This is the third design I have stitched from these designs. I am so fascinated by the designs and would like to stitch more. I usually try to do them for exchanges. So anyway here is the picture. I will try and get some more pictures on the blog of my stitching. I have been doing a lot of stitching. I have so been enjoying it.

Friday, January 25, 2008

I have been Stitching

I am on a roll. I have been stitching every night. I don't feel like it and then about 10pm I get in the mood and stitch until 1am. Not good for the tiredness but since I usually sleep in until about 9 or 10am I guess it is okay. So I thought I would share with you some of my stitching. This time I am going to add links. Well I will try. I am using webshots. hahaha So here is my Wiehenburg Mystery progress so far. Page 1. And then I am doing Mary Thompson which is an Ackworth Quaker Sampler as part of a SAL and finally I have been doing a bit of work on Carriage House Samplings Quaker Stocking. I love these stockings and hope to do them all. That is all for now but I will have some more updates soon as I have other things to show.

Tuesday, January 22, 2008

It's Finished

If I could happy dance like our Cathy I would certainly be doing that. I have never seen a girl display happiness quite so perfectly as Cathy does. Bless her!! Anyway that is not what I am typing about.
Yes it is true. I have finished and you guessed it. St Sofia is done, it is complete. The finish time was 1.26am this morning.
I also had another wee finish last Thursday night. It is a small Lorri Birmingham kit I was given for Christmas. I have put it together as an ornament but......I got over finishing it and I have not yet made the cord to put around it. Slack I know.
So that is my unusually short post but I am supposed to be working.

Monday, January 14, 2008

A bit of a Yak

Thought I would have a bit of a chat otherwise it will be forever before I get around to it. I have no photos. I can't be bothered taking them. I might get Jacob to take some when he comes over tomorrow.

So Lindsay was 2 on Saturday. Where does the time go? I don't think she is a big Maine Coon girl. She just loves to be outside in the back garden during the day and runs around with her tail held up high. It reminds me of a horses main as they gallop through the fields. She hates being brushed much to the dismay of Anthony who now wears some of her protest scratches on his nose. Yep I should say that Lindsay pretty well does what she like. Well not always as she has to come inside late afternoon.

On the stitching front life is good. I am so motivated still. It has been at least a year if not slightly more since the mojo has re-entered my life. I have signed up for everything that presents itself on all the groups and boards I belong to. Not exchanges because really I still can't really cope with them. So tonight I have decided that I am never going to get my piece of fabric dyed to do the Wiehenburg Mystery sampler on. I have found a nice piece of 40 count in my stash that will do. I hope I still have found Down Under Blue by Dinky Dyes. I started Rosewood Manor's ABC Tapestry on 34 count Weddigen linen. I am stitching it with yet another Dinky Dye silk called Mingenew. No good looking for them yet as they are new releases at Nashville. There is a story as to why I have them already. The fabric colour for the ABC is what I would call Antique Ivory. My new favourite colour fabric. I started before the new year came in as a SAL on Mary Thompson which is an Ackworth Sampler (the chart is in the dust cover of the big Ackworth Book realeased last year. Tonight I am also starting a little Lorri Birmingham kit I got for Christmas. I am so near to finishing St Sofia by Papillon Creation. I am on the last page which is the bottom right hand corner of the outside border. I have stitched quite a bit of it. I tell you I will be happy when it is finished. I have decided to go in a SAL with some girls of the Drawn Thread's Marriage of the Minds. Oh and I have started Little House Needleworks "Tree of Life".

I went through everything last night and have chosen another about 12 designs to start. I also got out some of my wips/ufo's to stitch on. Did I mention that I boxed everything up and tidied it away because I couldn't stand the mess in my stitching room. The downside is that I need to go through the boxes to find things. I am joining the monthly challenge at the Haed BB and do you think I can find my QS I have? No I can't, so it looks like I will be stitching on the Winter Dreaming piece I started last year. So back into the boxes tomorrow to get some stitching on it.

I leave this on a sad note. My friend Sue has just phone to tell me her little brother Tim died of a massive heart attack on Saturday morning. He was only 45. How sad is that? Tim lived a busy life and did everything he ever wanted to. He even won a lot of money on Lotto. He survived a broken back. As I said to Sue.....Well we know the reason that that all the good luck happened to Tim because there was a greater plan that we didn't know about. He leaves behind a wife and three children. They were a tight knit family and I know that they will need the love of everyone around them to help them through the tough time ahead.

Wednesday, January 02, 2008

Christmas Holidays update and 2008 stuff

Well I thought I had nothing to say. Haha that will be the day you say. Well my family would anyway. Then I remembered we have had Christmas and there are goals to talk about etc.

We had a lovely Christmas despite the heat. My family were good and kind to me. Mary Lyn made the salads and everyone pitched in so it was not too much work for me. That was good because I sort of could not have done it this christmas. I only had the most minimal decorations up this year. I got a Laptop bag from my family. It is a crumpler and apparently a good one. I like it anyway. I also got a cordless mouse. The little thingy that goes on the side so it works is super tiny and I shouldn't be able to break it off if I forget to take it out. Shouldn't be able to is the operative word. I got lots of other stuff too that I was more than happy with.

Last year's stitching was a good one for me. I didn't quite manage to finish as many as I wanted to due to being very fatigued with good old fibro. I did however start somewhere between 40 and 50 projects. I plan to do the same again this year. I finished 12 projects altogether. They are

Cloister Garden by Drawn Thread
Barnabee's Quest by Just Nan

These two were UFO's so I was well pleased with that

I also started and finished this year

Nita's Heart by Better, Homes and Gardens freebie
Never Too Much Stash freebie by 4 My Boys
French Country Rooster by JBW
French Counrty Cat by JBW
Squirrel by Carriage House Sampling
Needle In A Garden By Just Nan
Thanks a Bunch by Just Nan
Butterfly design freebie by My Aunts Attic
Another design freebie by My Aunts Attic
Freebie exclusive for CDU by Monasterium Designs
Stitcher's Needleroll and Scissor Fob by The Cats Whiskers

Woohoo there is 1 more than I remembered so I finished 13 projects all together. How good is that?

2008 stitching will bring definitely

A finish of St Sofia by Papillon Creations. I had hoped to finish it this year but just ran out of steam

I would also like to start another 40 to 50 projects again this year with another at least 12 projects to finish. More would be good. We will see.

I end this long and tortuous rambling by wishing everyone a very Happy New Year.