Friday, March 25, 2011

New Blog

Hi Everyone,

I have no heart to write on this blog anymore. Everytime I go to it I see our family and whilst I love the picture and it represents our last very happy day all together I just can't make myself add a new post.

So here is the new blog.

Thanks for following me on this.

I forgot to mention that some months after the last post Mum passed away.


Tuesday, February 23, 2010

60th Wedding Anniversary

Yesterday we gathered at my sisters house to celebrate my Mum and Dad's 60th Wedding Anniversary. It was a lovely day. All the grandchildren and great grandchildren were there. The weather was perfect and not too hot. So here is a picture of the happy couple.

And here is a picture of Mum and Dad and we three kids. My sister is the littlest one in the photo and then my brother and then me at the back.

Sunday, February 14, 2010

Valentine's Day

Happy Valentine's Day to one and all. My husabnd and I don't really celebrate Valentine's Day but that doesn't mean we don't love each other.

Anyway, I thought I would do an update again. Not promising that this will happen all the time but I have some stitching to show you. I have been stitching quite a bit this week. I saw an updated picture of a WIP of Rachel's on facebook and it gave me the urge to get mine of the same out. I haven't done very much on mine. Here's Rachel's WIP. It is stunning isn't it. And here's mine

As you can see mine has a bit to go before it gets to the stage that Rachel's is. I think I forgot to mention that it is a HAED chart of Turnadot by Kinuko Y. Craft. I think she is one of my favourite artists that HAED chart. I have a few of hers to stitch so I should be able to stay alive for a least 4 or 5 hundred years.

Here is my SK Enchanted which is also a chart done by HAED. I do believe they are very talented in converting artwork etc for stitching. If I have enough money in my bank account I am off to buy 1 more chart.

I also stitched on an exchange. It is a Christmas Exchange and unfortunately it went missing in post. So I am now doing another one. Actually I really like what I am stitching so I hope my exchange partner likes it too.

Well that is all from me this week.

Sunday, February 07, 2010

My Christmas Chook is finished and my January stitching on Enchanted Story Keep

This is my first finish for 2010. I am really pleased to announce that it is also something I started a few years ago so I have lessened the old pile of UFO/WIPS. Of course I have added to them already this year. I always plan on around 50 starts for the year. Have to so I can at least some of my stash started. I am not that fast a stitcher so I would never go anywhere near starting any of my stash if I waited to finish a few more. Besides I love starting projects. There is nothing like the kit up and the anticipation of a start. Anyway back to the chook project. I had hoped to get it finished last Sunday but I had to keep unpicking one of the snowflakes on the snippet tray. I will take a photo when I get the 3 items back from the finisher.

I have also taken a photo of my HAED SAL Storykeep. It is called Enchanted. The photo I am showing is my January stitching on it. I have found a fantastic way to stitch HAED projects thanks to my friend Liz. She colours all the stitches she wants to do with a the fluro yellow high lighter and then when they are done she colours over the top of them with another colour. I started doing this with this particular piece and wow what a difference it makes to the concentration and speed at which I can stitch. The only reason I haven't done more is that I just haven't had time. So here is said picture.

Saturday, December 12, 2009

Here Tis

Photos of my shop. I am off to bed. We were at the shop almost 12 hours today but it is ready for the opening tomorrow morning. Stupid opening at Christmas time I know but I would have being paying rent for nothing (well that is not true as I negotiated rent free time). Anyway, once decided then action is warranted and anyway I needed the stock out of the house before I went mad.

I love my shop. It is so old worldy and has a nice atmosphere and with tomorrow being a forecast of 38 degrees celcius (that is pretty darned hot to the Fahrenheit people) then the atmosphere had better be not to bad. Thank god for air-conditioners is all I say. I am still talking hubby into letting me take a second one down as I hate hate hate hot.
The shop came with a first one.

Anyway here are some photos that my dear friend Ann took today before we were finished. The back stitching room is reasonably tidy now. Ann and her DH came back this evening and you couldn't see the table for stuff on it. Ann is a marvel and when she left it was tidied all up. She runs rings around me I can tell you.

Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Big News

For Colours Down Under. We are going into a bricks and mortar shop. I decided 2 weeks ago that I wanted to expand and needed my home back again. Started to look around and viewed many shops that I was not exactly what I wanted and then took a little look at a little place down in the heart of Armadale in a place called Pioneer Village. It has lots of parking (for all my customers) LOL. Easily accessible and has the dinkiest little shop that looks like a pioneers cottage. It has 5 areas so lots of room for expansion. Anyway, after an anxious wait for the owner to get back from his holiday overseas I managed to get him to meet with me at the shop Monday evening before the sun went down. I am so happy with everything and will hopefully have the papers signed by the first week of December and then move in will commence.

So Perth girls you will be able to visit whenever you want. We will be opening Monday to Saturday at the stage.

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Jarrad & Megan's Wedding

My eldest son got married at our house on the 12th September. It was a lunch time wedding and after a terrible wet and windy week the sun peaked out of the clouds and continued to warm the day as it went on. There was only 1 short burst of rain just as the celebrant pronounced them man and wife and we all felt that it was a good omen as the Italians believe that rain on a wedding day is good. Megan's friend Megan came over from Ohio America for the occassion and she gave her good friend away. It was such a fabulous day with all their family and friends around to share the day. Here are some photos. Megan looked gorgeous and of course my son looked handsome.

Life Time Member of UFO/WIP clubs

One of the groups I am on asked the question about UFO/WIP's. The photo below is why I will always be a life time member of any UFO/WIP club. It is my cupboard where I store them all. I do have a 10 plastic drawer cabinet that my rotation is in. 1 in each drawer. Anyway, I digress, as usual. This cabinet is about 186cms wide (or 73 inches). Each project has it's own plastic project case or zipper envelope. Just thought I would share. This isn't my stash btw just the projects I have started. I like to start around 50 a year. I don't have to finish that many and believe me I would never be able to as I like BAPS.