Sunday, July 26, 2009

So The First Page Is Done

On Friday I got a phone call from my dear friend Martina telling me she had sent me an email with a picture of a new sampler that she had designed. Would I look at it and tell her what I think. Oh my, she has out done herself yet again. I am always amazed at the designs that Martina does and I cannot believe the amount of them that she does. Anyway, I was totally in love with her square sampler and was, as usual, very impatient to know when it was coming out. She said she needed to make it better. I then got a phone call an hour later with her saying she had designed a band sampler using a lot of the same motifs using a saying by Shakespeare from A Midsummers Night Dream. One of her friends had told her the quote and wanted a band sampler.

So I nagged and I nagged and then I promised that if she allowed me to have the chart immediately then I would get a move on and continue stitching her diamond chart called Vierlanden Sampler - Hilke. I put in remarks like "I have nothing to stitch" & "I am waiting here with my needle threaded waiting". Luckily for me she gave in. So I am now uploading a picture of both samplers

You can get the Mermaid Song in a group that will be created in the next few days. The cost is 11 Euros and there will be 3 options. All are just stunning and if you don't want to stitch all 3 of them then you will have difficulty choosing which one. There is Mermaid Song with the words. Another band sampler featuring the symbols in a slightly different composition and a most gorgeous square sampler.

So the first page of Mermaid Song is completed by me. I am using Weddingen 30 count in an Antique White, 2 over 2 stitching with Dinky Dye's Down Under Blue. Jo's silks are just gorgeous to stitch with and Down Under Blue is an almost navy blue colour with a slight variegation of a royal blue colour. Perfect in my opinion. LOL

The 2nd picture is Hilke. I am again using the same fabric and again 2 over 2 stitching with Dinky Dye silks. The black is Black Coral and the red is Desert Pea.