Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Jarrad & Megan's Wedding

My eldest son got married at our house on the 12th September. It was a lunch time wedding and after a terrible wet and windy week the sun peaked out of the clouds and continued to warm the day as it went on. There was only 1 short burst of rain just as the celebrant pronounced them man and wife and we all felt that it was a good omen as the Italians believe that rain on a wedding day is good. Megan's friend Megan came over from Ohio America for the occassion and she gave her good friend away. It was such a fabulous day with all their family and friends around to share the day. Here are some photos. Megan looked gorgeous and of course my son looked handsome.

Life Time Member of UFO/WIP clubs

One of the groups I am on asked the question about UFO/WIP's. The photo below is why I will always be a life time member of any UFO/WIP club. It is my cupboard where I store them all. I do have a 10 plastic drawer cabinet that my rotation is in. 1 in each drawer. Anyway, I digress, as usual. This cabinet is about 186cms wide (or 73 inches). Each project has it's own plastic project case or zipper envelope. Just thought I would share. This isn't my stash btw just the projects I have started. I like to start around 50 a year. I don't have to finish that many and believe me I would never be able to as I like BAPS.

Monday, October 19, 2009

The Singing Mermaid

has until the last week or so still continued to be my focus piece of stitching. I took a break to stitch the Halloween exchange I was in (and forgot yet again to take a photo of it before sending).
Unfortunately due to the stupid frog spending far too much time at the house my progress has not been as much as I had hoped and has indeed caused a bit of a lull in my enthusiasm to continue to only stitch on this piece. Sooooo I decided that it was time to start doing my rotation again.

The Singing Mermaid is in the number one place in the rotation. My rotation has 10 projects. I have a very short attention span so I usually just put a length of thread in each one at a time. Sometimes I might put several lengths into a project before going onto the next one. It works for me and it keeps me stitching for hours.

So today I am going to show you the updated photo of the Mermaid and as usual Millie decided she needed to get into the photo. So not only does she need to walk all over the stitching, lay on it but add some of her fibres to the piece as well.