Monday, October 13, 2008

Saturday's GTG

How blessed am I that I can have 3 days of the week getting together with my cross stitch friends. Different lots of friends as well. Today's blabber is about Saturday's GTG. I know that JM would just love to be here to GTG as well but it is a bit far from Tasmania so she couldn't come. Susan or Cathy (can't remember which one) forgot to bring their camera and with that a light bulb idea came upon me. I have a digital camera. I do forget that the purpose of this camera can be for other things besides taking photos of cross stitch. Imagine that!

Anyway JM here we all are. I am not really going to blabber about the GTG on Saturday as I know that Cathy has and so will Susan when she gets to do some blogging. Well they wont blabber they will, in fact, write some intelligent stuff that actually flows. I tend to have a mind that skips and jumps all over the place and I find it hard to write in any sort of logic. The reader has to know that I have changed subjects without actually having announced that I have and all sorts of other junk that I just can't write.

So here are the photos

This is Cathy, Diane and Susan

This is Diane. She is showing someones's HAED RR that she has finished stitching on. A stunning piece.

Susan & Cathy are looking at another of the HAED RR

Janine & Susan discussing a pieced of fabric

Janine, Susan & Diane's response to a bit of wisdom I am giving them

Diane telling the girls which Dragon bit stitched from which Dragon HAED design is stitched on this RR.


Mel said...

Sounds and looks like you all had a blast!

susan said...

Thanks for posting the pics Janine. It was a lovely day. I like the idea of making it a longer day- as long as that suits everyone.Time for stitching and shopping and talking. And thanks for the lovely lunch too!. Hope you ahd a good weekend at Dowerin. See you soon.

Meari said...

What a fun day!