Thursday, June 12, 2008

My Christmas Chook WIP

I have since finished the actual chook since this photo was taken and the first stitches have been put into the snippet tray. The real name is Merry Noel and it is one of the clever designs done by Judith of Twisted Oaks. I have a few of TO designs to stitch. The other chook is one of them. I am stitching this on the asked for fabric and the Dinky Dyes chosen for the design. Just gorgeous. I am very happy with my chook.

Yet another Wip

I just love this design. It is ABC Tapestry by Rosewood Manor. In fact, there are a few of Karen's designs that I like. Well more than a few. Don't you just love Her forests and stocking and I see there is a garden one as well and that Inspiration to just gorgeous. All starts I have planned. Anyway again I am using Weddingen 34 count Fawn and my most favourite Mingenew by Dinky dyes. I have a hank of it and intend to buy another one down the track.

Wednesday, June 11, 2008

The Dreaded Sew Cozy

Proof that I am still stitching the damned thing. What can I say except it is lovely when stitched.

Another Wip

This is the start of another gorgeous design not yet published by Wiehenburg. Martina has been so kind to allow me to start model stitching it for my shop. It is her Welcome Quaker Band as can be seen on her blog. I am stitching it on 24 count Weddingen with Jo's Dinky Dye silk Mingenew. This is my favourite thread and most favourite colour.


A WIP Photo

Well I thought I would show you my progress so far on Wiehenburg Vierlanden Sampler. I started it when it was a mystery. It is now sold has Ancke. I am finished up to page 12 and have started on page 13. This is my most favourite of all the Wiehenburg Samplers. I love them all but this is the best.

A Close up of the start of page 13

So I took some photos today.

The first show and tell is a photo of my eldest son Jarrad with his girlfriend. She travelled from Ohio to Perth in Western Australia in March/April to meet Jarrad for the first time. They have known each other for years but haven't be romantically interested for all of that time. Anyway the long and the short of it is that he has is going to bring her over to live. They seem very happy with each. You can tell that Megan has come from snow and we have just been through summer.

Tuesday, June 03, 2008

I can show you this now

I can show you the model I stitched now as the Gift OF Stitching has released the issue for June. I stitched the model for Monasterium Designs using Weddingen 34 count linen in Fawn using Dinky Dyes Mingenew. My favourite thread colour. I am also using this thread to stitch ABC Tapestry by Rosewood Manor on the same fabric I might add. I love this design and I was very happy when it was agreed that I would stitch the model for Kirsten to photograph for TGOS.