Monday, October 13, 2008

Saturday's GTG

How blessed am I that I can have 3 days of the week getting together with my cross stitch friends. Different lots of friends as well. Today's blabber is about Saturday's GTG. I know that JM would just love to be here to GTG as well but it is a bit far from Tasmania so she couldn't come. Susan or Cathy (can't remember which one) forgot to bring their camera and with that a light bulb idea came upon me. I have a digital camera. I do forget that the purpose of this camera can be for other things besides taking photos of cross stitch. Imagine that!

Anyway JM here we all are. I am not really going to blabber about the GTG on Saturday as I know that Cathy has and so will Susan when she gets to do some blogging. Well they wont blabber they will, in fact, write some intelligent stuff that actually flows. I tend to have a mind that skips and jumps all over the place and I find it hard to write in any sort of logic. The reader has to know that I have changed subjects without actually having announced that I have and all sorts of other junk that I just can't write.

So here are the photos

This is Cathy, Diane and Susan

This is Diane. She is showing someones's HAED RR that she has finished stitching on. A stunning piece.

Susan & Cathy are looking at another of the HAED RR

Janine & Susan discussing a pieced of fabric

Janine, Susan & Diane's response to a bit of wisdom I am giving them

Diane telling the girls which Dragon bit stitched from which Dragon HAED design is stitched on this RR.

Kenric Charles Smith

This is a photo of my second son Kenric and his fiance Marilyn. Kenric and Marilyn met when they were 16 and even though their relationship has had it moments of rockiness they have grown together are very happy. They have been engaged for over 4 years now and tell me that they plan to marry in 2010. Well you can't hurry these things can you? Actually they have been busy studying. Kenric qualified as a Physiotherapist 3 years ago and then Marilyn started Uni the following year. She has 2 exams to go and then stints at 2 different hospitals (4 weeks each) and she will be a nurse. Exceptional for a girl who never did her TEE (needed for University entrance here in Western Australia) and certainly didn't study any sort of Maths or Science in her last 2 years of High School. She has achieved all distinctions and high distinctions at University. We are so proud of these 2 kids.

Today we got news that makes us even prouder. Kenric has been offered a place at Notre Dame University in Fremantle to study Medicine. His father & I are so over the moon. Kenric has worked so hard to get into Medicine. The Navy phoned him this morning to ask him if he had got his letter yet? He is doing Medicine through the Navy (if he gets into the Navy). RAN have intimated that he will get into the Navy. They will pay all the University fees, all his personal costs like books, medical equipment he needs and lots of other things like a percentage of a mortgage when he gets one, all medical, dentistry, glasses etc. Also rent until he gets that mortgage and then match the first home buyers scheme. And then to add to this a very good starting wage that will go up each year. He then has to give them 5 years after he qualifies. He gets to study at the University of his choice. This is the only way he can afford to do this and continue to go forward in this life.

I had to share the news. On top of this these 2 kids are the most caring young couple you could ever wish to meet. And we are going to live with them when we are too old to look after ourselves. hahahahahaha