Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Updates are long overdue

and what is my excuse. Well my camera and I had an argument and I boycotted it for a few months. I decided to give it another chance tonight and it decided to behave itself. In the meantime I have lost the chance to get whatever the chance of getting was on 2 SAL's. Oh well, such is life, and truthfully I probably needed getting that chance thing is not needed by me and more needed by others, which is why I never enter competitions on blogs because I have far too much stash and others are surely in need of it any prizes far more than I am. Anyway I will add some catch up pictures for you all to see.

Oh I forgot to add that the Hot Air Balloon wedding is this Saturday. So far I have managed not to think about said ride in the balloon and hopefully I can keep it at bay until I have to get in the damned thing. I took Megan Marie to get some wedding finery today. She bought a lovely outfit. I will pop some photos on the blog after the event.

So here is some stitching.

I am doing a SAL each week with Paula. We are stitching on a HAED design. Luckily Paula is like me and we don't have to stick to the one design. It all happened one evening when we were chatting about how gorgeous we think HAED designs are. She then tried very hard to enable me by sending me a hundred links of gorgeous designs. I, however, did not cave this time. This week I chose to stitch on Black Cherry. This is one SAL that I have stuffed up so wont get the other quickie designs in the SAL. Oh well..... Anyway, I am still on page one even though Fudgie has sent out the 3rd page. I am really enjoying this design and I will gift it to my great niece Caitlin when I have finished it.

The next photo is of the Welcome Band I am stitching. It is a Wiehenburg sampler and just stunning. I was going to gift it but I am afraid I don't think I will be able to part with it. I am now on page 5 with 3 more pages to go after this one.

Millie and Harry decided to come and check out what I was doing when I was taking the photos.

I have had a few finishes this year and my finisher finished them to perfection like she always does. I am forever grateful that she does my finishing as I just hate finishing with a passion.

These are a couple of Blue Ribbon freebie designs that I stitched up on some of my reject hand dyed fabric.

These are some Whitman Chocolate tin designs that I stitched. Aren't they cute?


DJ said...

Wow, Janine, your stitching is AMAZING! I love the welcome band sampler, I've been eyeing that for a long time, but the colors you used have pushed me over the edge, I'm going to have to go out looking for that one now! Thanks! haha *Hugs* DJ

Anonymous said...

Hi Janine,

Did you do the stitching all by yourself or did Harry and Milly help you? It is really wonderful especially your colour choice.


Meari said...

Fantastic finishes, and WIPs! What's this about a hot air balloon wedding???

Janine said...

Meari, My 2nd son and his partner are getting married on Saturday 4th July in a hot air balloon. There are 19 of us going up in the balloon to witness the occasion (oh that includes the bride and groom). The fantastic thing about it is that our oldest sons fiance has arrived from Ohio to live here so we are putting on a pretty fantastic 4th of July for her. I have warned her that next years wont be quite a good. LOL

joolzmac said...

Hello Janine,

I'm interested in the Mary Wigham sampler. I've been to your Aussie MW Sal sight and have become a follower. I'm getting my fabric tomorrow. The design just jumped out at me and I love the colours. Would it be sacrilege to do it on 18 count cream Aida cloth? My eyesight is not so good (poor old chook at 44 years old!) so I think linen is out of the question.

Cheers - Joolz