Thursday, August 27, 2009

Another Update on the Singing Mermaid

Well a long overdue update on the Band Sampler that is a mystery by the gorgeous Martina Dey of Wiehenburg fame. Just as a reminder this mystery is a very cheap 11 Euros and for that you get 3 different versions of nautical type samplers. One is a bellpull type sampler with a gorgeous saying by Sheakespeare in A Midsummers Night Dream. The second is another bellpull type sampler without the words and the arrangement of motives is a little different. The third is a square sampler 350 x 350 with lots of nautical type motives including sea monsters. All are stunning and you can apply to join at this

I have stitched on this since the photo was taken but with sick family members and wedding dress shopping and all the other things that go with everything I have just now had time to do this update.


cathymk said...

Very Pretty Janine!

fudgey said...

Goodness janine You are flying
you stole my sttiching mojo i am sure of it..
it looks wonderful

Carol R said...

That's pretty!