Monday, January 26, 2009

Stitching for our Australia Day Weekend

I have had a fairly good weekend of stitching.

On Saturday I didn't end up stitching. I spent the day looking at others stitching.

Sunday my DIL, Marilyn came for the day as Kenric had to work at the local hospital. They both stayed for a BBQ and Jarrad and Jacob and my MIL came over as well. Anyway, Marilyn, wanted to watch the CI channel on Fox so I sat in with her and stitched on "The Hunt". This is a SAL I am doing with one of my groups. I am using a white fabric with a HDF silk. I have no idea of the colour name.

Sunday evening I mucked around and then I stitched on The Unicorn Sampler by Sampler House. I forgot to take a picture of it for this session so I will take one next time I stitch on it. I started it last year.

Today I had my friends over for a GTG. It was a lovely day and I managed to stitch a bit more on The Unicorn Sampler. I had a nap and then I woke and stitched on Wiehenburg's Welcome Band. This is just a gorgeous sampler. I am stitching it on Weddingen linen with my most favourite colour thread "Mingenew" dyed by Dinky Dyes. I just love this colour. Here is my progress so far.

I just love this sampler.

Lastly I stitched on "Sew Cozy". I absolutely hate stitching on this. Anyway I am determined to finish it and it is one of my UFO picks for the year. Today I managed to completely finish a small piece that was on the top of the blue cupboard in the left hand bottom cupboard. I also added some stitches to other bits of the cupboard and also backstitched some parts of the cupboard as well. Here is the result.

Last picture is of Chatelaine's Convent Herbal Garden. I started this when it was Mystery II. I really want to finish it. So I have also nominated it to be one of my UFO pieces for 2009. I stitched on this during last week.

Saturday, January 24, 2009

It's Been A Long Time

And I get so disappointed when I go to my blog and I discover that I have not magically added another blog to the last one. I have come to terms with the fact that it is just not going to be done by some others hand like a blog fairy. Wouldn't it be just fantastic if you could think your blog and decide what photo needed to be taken to go with the thinking and then you logged onto your blog and there it was all done for you?

Anyway I had a great year for 2008 on the stitching front I managed to complete 20 projects. I believe 2 of them were from previous years and the rest were starts and finishes.

I have started the year with quite a few starts. I believe, that this year I will out do myself with starting. How come we never celebrate our starts like we do our finishes? Some weeks, I could be Happy Dancing quite a few times a week. I think we should do this or create a happy little signal that signifies a start. Well we know when we read a subject line that says Happy Dance that a stitcher probably has finished something. So I think suggestions would be a great idea for a happy signal that will signal a start.

Okay I need to show you my 2 photos I have taken today. The first one is of Dark Cherry which is a HAED QS (although how anyone can call any HAED chart a QS I don't know)SAL pattern. Have you been to the HAED BB and seen some of those progress pictures of this particular SAL? Crumbs they leave me for dead. One of the stitchers looks like she has finished the first page. I thought 400 or 500 stitches over 2 stitching sessions was doing well. LOL

The second picture is of that dratted Paula Vaughan's Good Neighbour. I think I will be really proud of this when I eventually finish it and I can tell you I am holding a ball (as in dancing) when I finish it. So you will know I have finished the thing when you get an invitation to come and have a dance with me. I started it in 1999. I can remember one year I stitched on it heaps. How come I didn't finish it then? Anyway I have made a commitment on my UFO group that I will try and put some stitches into each week. So ya never know I might even finish the project. But don't hold me that one please.

Okay well that is enough of the prattle now.