Thursday, March 23, 2006

At Long Last

I think I have worked out how to post messages on my blogger. It has taken nearly a month. LOL Anyways in the last month I have been stitching on Common Ground by Just Nan. I am doing a SAL with a couple of friends. We are starting band three this week. I am a bit behind as I have not been feeling so good these last weeks. Our website and online business is slowly but surely coming along. Hopefully we wont be too long before we are up and running. Nearly........ is the web address is you want to check it out.


Nicole and Phil said...

Awesome Janine...great to see you have a bolg..I look forward to seeing lots of your stitching and other stuff on your blog! Welcome to the exciting world of blogging! You will love it!!!

Janine said...

Hi Nicole. It was all your fault. I read yours and thought I would try it.