Wednesday, March 29, 2006

I am Learning

Well had a bit of trouble finding where to go to post another post. I am so hopeless. Thankfully I have a Jacob and he knows about these things. Well today although I am feeling a bit knackered I am also feeling on a bit of a high. Yesterday we had a fabric rep come so we could order fabric for our shop. He was so encouraging and he loved my hand dyes. I felt very empowered and certain I could do this online shop thing. And thank god we do have Jacob because he asked how much our website cost to build. Well how would I know? I am not in charge of that department. Jacob said $200. He was telling us that there is another company in this area who are selling all craft stuff and it cost them $30,000 to have theirs built. What??????????? Today I went for my last test for my new pains and picked up my Xrays from Monday tests. It is looking as though it is just the fibromyalgia. I am so relieved. I find out for sure on Monday but I am not above looking at doctor reports when I have them in my hot little hands. I have done some more stitching since the last photo was posted. I can't be bothered taking a picture today. Also I don't want to disturb the boy when he is working on our website. (well I never said I was taking and uploading the pictures physically did I?) LOL I have finished bands two and three of Common Ground. I have picked up Drawn Thread's Cloister Garden and started stitching on that again. I need to start my TW exchange as well.
Well that's it from me for a while.

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