Monday, April 09, 2007

If I wait for some pretty photo's

then it will be a long time in between blogs. Jacob is away and I can take all the photos I want to but I don't know how to get them from camera to computer. I must learn this trick so I am not beholden to him to do it.

I have been busy again. For the first time since 2002 I have done some cleaning and sorting. Oh don't worry people's who dont know me the house has been cleaned lots in the last 5 years. I hurt myself at work and with this that and the other I have been unable to do the mother and wifely side of cleaning and sorting etc. I am fortunate in having a terrific husband and wonderful children who can do cleaning, washing, cooking etc.

Anyways the spring cleaning sorting etc just have not happened. I have had a huge sort out in the main bedroom. Bags of stuff went to the Good Sami's. I have been unpacking stuff that had been packed for several years when we painted the main living area. I think I like my house again. It is looking quite nice again.

So now I am sorting out my stitching room. I should be shot really. I own more stash than the shop does. So at the moment I am sorting through hundreds of magazines. I have to be ruthless. Unless I desperately want to stitch something from the magazine then it is going. Out of about 7 or 8 magazine holders I have dwindled it down to 1 1/2 holders so far. I still have at least a dozen holders or more to go through. I am going to use all the nice boxes I keep collecting and sort out my silks and threads into them. I will label the box so I can see what is in which box. I think I will go through my charts and get rid of the ones I am half hearted about as well.

On the stitching front I have really made in roads into Papillon Creations St Sofia. I am hoping to keep the momentum going until I finish it. I am at least half way I reckon (a bit of Australianism with that word). The trouble is.......there are so many other things calling me and it would be a shame to ruin the reputation as being the most prolific starter.

Easter has been quiet. Literally as Alan and the kids went away on a fishing trip. This is why all the cleaning and sorting has happened. I had an excellent day on Sunday. Cathy & Marilyn came over and we stitched, talked and ate all day. Mmmmm chocolate.......


Georgie said...

Excellent stuff, Janine! I'd love a weekend like that. I'm sad I'm not going to meet you this weekend :(

cathymk said...

I had a fantastic time on Sunday and I seem to have my stitching mojo back too - I'm about halfway done on the Geranium house.