Sunday, March 25, 2007

I didn't realise it had been so long

I thought it about time I started to blog again. The 11th Feb, yikes it has been forever.

Well I have been flat out since I last wrote a blog. Colours Down Under has been really busy and Laura (my Daughter-in-law) is a fierce task master. We are not allowed to make a mess of our shop room or leave stuff unfiled. She makes me work when I don't feel like it. LOL

I also went to Sydney for the GTG and a very short visit with Julie. Marilyn came with me and we had a fabulous time. Met the very lovely Anne A from the Xsers group. We got to see both Julie and Anne's stitching.
We had a fabulous time at the GTG. The five of us WA women shared an apartment. Marilyn, Jo, Diane & Cathy were the room mates. The York Apartments in Sydney are the best. We went out in the morning and came back in the afternoon and like magic the beds were made the dishes done the bathrooms cleaned and the apartment was like new again. I wish I could find that magic fairy to come home to my house and do the same.

So all the ladies who were at the GTG were Alison, June, Junette and of course the awesome Tracey (our organiser) her little man James, Amanda, Karen, the other ladies from my apartment, Linda, Tannia (it was fantastic meeting her at long last), Rowena, Victoria (although much too briefly and her little princess Rowan), Kirsten, Marilyn S, Karen's Mum (sorry Karen can't remember your Mum's name), I am sure I have forgotten someone and it is not because they are less important it is just that the mind does not always function well.

I spent a little bit on stash. I did get that gorgeous Ackworth book and some Ackworth samplers. Some other samplers and a Needlepoint kit. Yes I am going to try it. I have visions of my sofa's being full of gorgeous Needlepoint cushions.

Anyways that is enough boring stuff. I will check in again soon.

Oh and I have had three finishes since my last post. French Country Rooster, Cat and Just Nan's Barnabees Quest.


cathymk said...

You finished Barnabee! Good on you Janine! Look forward to seeing him soon!

Meari said...

Sounds like you've been keeping yourself busy. I'll have to check out that Ackworth book. :)