Tuesday, July 08, 2008

Last Post for today

I know it has been a long process but if I don't do it now I will forget. The Bee by Just Nan. I know it is not the official name but I can't remember what it is and I can't be bothered going for a look. I stitched this and made it up Good Friday. I keep forgetting to take a photo of it. I thought it was cute.


cathymk said...

She's a beauty Janine!!
Goodness you have been busy girl!! Love the little Bent Creek piece and the SB fob!
And what a sweet pinkeep you received!

Nicole and Phil said...

Gorgeous stitching Janine, you are making good progress with sew Cosy too!!! LOL

Janine said...

Thanks both for the comments. Nicole I am pleased to be making progress on SC at long last.

Meari said...

Very cute, Janine!

Anonymous said...

I have awarded you the I Love Your Blog Award, because I really think your blog is terrific. You do beautiful work.