Wednesday, March 04, 2009

What a Week

Last week was a shocker. Firstly I had my handbag stolen. I always think it wont happen to me and it did. I lost my new handbag that Marilyn bought me in Melbourne the beginning of February so it is back to the tatty old one for now. I lost my GPS, Prescription Sunglasses, Mobile Phone and my purse with all my cards in it and a cheque for $800 that I had written out a couple of days before and $30.00 in cash along with numerous other things that I guess I will lament over in time. Nothing seem to go right with CDU and I have a mother of a toothache and I have to wait for my new HBF cards to come because yes they were in my purse and my right hip is going into spasms like nobody's business. It my sciata nerve (I think) and travelling down my right leg. Kenric was very busy and when he came over I got him to treat his father's back (as he has to go and do such physically hard work everyday). Tomorrow he is coming over for his 26th birthday (Kenric that is) so I will let him treat me then.

I have heaps to blog about but I couldn't be bothered taking photo's to begin with and then when I could I couldn't find my card reader so I could upload photos onto the computer. Today I finally gave up and went out and bought another one. I bet the other one will turn up now.

My first photos are of 2 of the cats. First one is Harry. We call him Helpful Harry. He loves it when new stock arrives and large boxes and parcels arrive. A couple of weeks or so ago Martina Dey's (of Wiehenburg fame) order arrived and he was straight on the box.

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Margaret said...

I'm so sorry your got your handbag stolen! That's definitely one of those things I always worry about. I hope all the pain of getting everything fixed and getting new cards and all isn't too painful.