Sunday, February 07, 2010

My Christmas Chook is finished and my January stitching on Enchanted Story Keep

This is my first finish for 2010. I am really pleased to announce that it is also something I started a few years ago so I have lessened the old pile of UFO/WIPS. Of course I have added to them already this year. I always plan on around 50 starts for the year. Have to so I can at least some of my stash started. I am not that fast a stitcher so I would never go anywhere near starting any of my stash if I waited to finish a few more. Besides I love starting projects. There is nothing like the kit up and the anticipation of a start. Anyway back to the chook project. I had hoped to get it finished last Sunday but I had to keep unpicking one of the snowflakes on the snippet tray. I will take a photo when I get the 3 items back from the finisher.

I have also taken a photo of my HAED SAL Storykeep. It is called Enchanted. The photo I am showing is my January stitching on it. I have found a fantastic way to stitch HAED projects thanks to my friend Liz. She colours all the stitches she wants to do with a the fluro yellow high lighter and then when they are done she colours over the top of them with another colour. I started doing this with this particular piece and wow what a difference it makes to the concentration and speed at which I can stitch. The only reason I haven't done more is that I just haven't had time. So here is said picture.

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Anonymous said...

Congratulations Janine!! You were pretty close to a finish when I saw you Tuesday - now it's all done!