Thursday, May 25, 2006

It is about time

It has been ages since I added to my blog. I keep forgetting and then I think I have nothing to write about which is rubbish really.
I have been really busy. Jacob moved out to go and live with Jarrad while Laura is away on her long awaited trip. There is only three of us here now. It is really quiet and I have to do so much more. I don't think it hurts me really. Well it does hurt me but I need to be more active.
Colours Down Under is increasing in stock. Gosh I spend so much time on the computer getting in touch with people and finding wholesalers etc. Our fabric stocks are increasing. We have about 5 bolts on indent (meaning coming in from overseas). We have many bolts in stock.
Anthony is going to school these last two weeks without a hassle.
A few weeks ago we lost our beautiful boy Mickey. He was hit by a car and killed instantly. It was devastating and the house was so quiet without him howling to be let in and out. Without having him on our laps because he was cold. Anyway we couldn't stand it so now we have a Maine coon. She is a little girl named Lindsay. What a honey. Very different than Mickey of course. Not quite so demanding but she definitely likes to be with us all the time.
My Stitching
I have been stitching a lot more these days. I need to work out how to put photo's on this blog thing. I have stitched more on Common Ground since the last picture. I have also completed more of my Three Things Sampler. Renaissance by Long Dog is coming along as well. I started Wayward Garden by Drawn Thread. It is such a pretty design. I am using the required silks and it is just gorgeous to stitch. I started Long Dog's St george. I am using a new hand dyed thread out by Stitches and Spice called Butterfly Garden. All pictures I need to show.
Anyway I will try to update the blog more often this time.

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