Friday, May 26, 2006

Just Back From The Craft Fair

I did so enjoy the craft fair this year. Probably a bit weird for a stitcher enjoying the craft fair when there weren't really any stitch related things there. Just the two stores that carry a lot of kits with Aida in them. But there were scissor people. Now how exciting was that? Firstly the scissor man. I didn't buy anything from him but I did drool. Also there was my $10 scissor person and I didn't buy anything from them either but I also drooled. Unfortunately or fortunately I have most of his anyway. Then there was VicStitch. I got those darling little scissors with the covers for the scissor end. They come in different colours. $3.00 a pair. Oh my, I nearly fainted with joy. The best is I have just contacted them and they are sending me a catalogue of their gear because they do wholesale. I had a hard time containing myself. So I bought 4 pairs of scissors because you just have to. I also bought 20 really fine beading needles for $3.00. I bought some magnifying things as I have broken by clip ons. And QSnaps because you can never have too many pairs of those. That was it. Now anyone who knows me knows that this is a miracle. Well the truth is I just kept saying oh I can buy that wholesale.

So Sadie drove us home only to find my oldest son's car in the drive way. Now why do I have to do the mother thing with a 26 year old? Jacob and Jarrad have had two really late nights playing on their computers. I had to tell them off and then say one of them has to come home to live if they can't be good boys and go to bed earlier than 2.30am. So my dear, gorgeous Jarrad (26 year old) said to me very seriously that he would behave. God I love him. Kenric the next one down would tell me where to go. LOL


Tannia said...

ooooh sounds like you had fun Janine :)

Eevn when there's not much 'stitchy' stuff - we can still have fun :)


BlissxStitches said...

The craft fair didn't have any cross stitching stalls? I'm amazed! Hello from Brisbane. I found your blog and Tannia's by acciedent. I hope you don't mind that I have bookmarked you and will come back and see what you are working on. A propos to sons and mothering - no matter how old they are they still need some form of mothering. LOL

Alison said...

Oh can never have too many pairs of scissors, you know!