Wednesday, December 20, 2006

I am Determined

To learn how to use this blog. I went and looked at some other blog sites and I am afraid I don't understand computer talk. So I have decided that I am going to master this one. I thought I might not be a blogger because I felt I had nothing of interest for anyone to read but I was informed that I did.

So this is the start of regular blogs.

Today my daughter-in-law Marilyn came over to hang out with me. I am so lucky as my two girls are lovely and they seem to like being with their MIL from time to time. So Marilyn woke me up and we spent the morning talking, watching the CI channel and stitching. I stitched for awhile on the freebie ABC Marquoir and then got sick of that so I continued pulling out that blessed band that I have placed wrong on Peacock Cypher. I had hoped to finish that this year but I wont get it done. I am almost done in the pulling out.

This afternoon Marilyn decided I needed more Christmas Decorations up. She also did a big declutter in my blue room. It looks so gorgeous. She put a lot of my blue and white china away and put a lot of my Christmas Treasures out. It looks lovely. We then went into the loungeroom and changed a few table clothes to Christmas ones and decorated the tree in there. Set the big dinning room table with Christmas stuff. I have instructions to get some of the boys to put up the tinsel down the hall way and in the loungeroom. I had enough be then so promised I would.

We then went to the shops. They had huge shelled prawns on special for $9.90 a kilo. We bought a 5 kilo box. They are all loose so we can just get out what we want to at a time. We will save at least half for Boxing Day. That is our beach day with the boat and kites etc.

Jake is going to meet Lindsay that day. Poor kids we will all be looking on hoping that they like each other.

Well if I can work out how to get%


Anonymous said...

Janine, I love the photo of your ornament tree - very festive!

Janine said...

Thanks Cathy. I did have a picture of my piano top. I will add that one tomorrow. I have so many pictures that I will add one at a time. I am going to try and post most days.

Alison said...

Love the pic Janine..& great to see you posting. Of course you have stuff that interests us! You are the stash-queen, after all :)

Janine said...

Hahaha Guess what I am getting for Xmas. I chose it of course. LOL

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