Sunday, February 11, 2007

I have to eat my words

So I was raving on in a blog not long ago about not using a Mac. So I have to eat my words. I fried the processor on my pc yesterday. My fault because I didn't tell Jacob that the computer was telling me it was hot. Anyway, I bought him a second hand Mac on eBay for Christmas. It cost the princely sum of $100.00. Apparently even though it is old it can be upgraded. His best friend works with Macs and actually installs them for businesses and he has been collecting Macs since he was 12. So to get to the point Jacob installed his Mac for me to use. I have to confess they are a very good system and very easy. So when I can afford it I am getting a Mac Mini. It really isn't any different to use but I think more straight forward. So Cathy I can see why you and your DH use them. I eat my words they are a great system to use.


cathymk said...

Mac Mini's are soo cute! And Macs are pretty easy to use. You know I love mine.
I'm so sorry to hear the PC died though, that's a real pity. Will you be able to rescue the data that was on it?

Janine said...

Yes Cathy, Jacob has already rescued all the data. I am so lucky I have a computer savvy boy in the house.

Meari said...

Sorry to hear your pc took a crash. Hopefully the new one will work out for you.