Sunday, February 04, 2007

Rotations, Finishes & Stash Inventory

Well It is finished. Cloister Garden by Drawn Thread, my first finish for the year. I have 13 more to go to beat 2006. I think perhaps I am going to have to drawn a line sometime at trying to beat the amount of finishes the year before. So now I have moved another WIP into the rotation. It is Lorri Birmingham's Bless My Garden. It is a little one and probably not the usual sort of design that I stitch but it will be sweet when it is finished. I might finish it as a flatfold when the stitching is complete. Anyway, now that I have finish Cloister I am back to my rotation. I decided that I would stitch on each design until I reached a certain stage in it except when I don't feel like it then I will just do the one night. I have put my rotation pictures in my PictureTrail album. They are in the Rotation 2007 album. I am presently trying to put more than one length of thread into the dreaded Tigers. I really would like to finish it this year. So that is the Rotation bit and the Finishes bit, now onto the Stash Inventory.
My stitching room is a mess. I have no idea what I own and what I don't. Do I have the necessary materials to stitch what I want to and how much is stuff that I don't want. On top of all that Anthony spilt my cup of tea a while ago and whilst I thought it hadn't landed on anything important and we cleaned it all up I found out this week that it did land on something important and all the charts were stuck together and some had mildew on them. They were from the last GTG nearly 2 years ago. I hadn't put them away. I should be shot. Nothing has been ruined in terms of not being able to read the charts but it has spoilt them and I would never be able to sell them later. So I got out a really fat exercise book and decided to start writing down what I want to stitch and the materials needed to stitch it if I don't have it. I have two pages per alphabet at the front of the book and at the back the name of design with materials needed to kit it up. I am taking that to the GTG this year. So the ruined charts are done and filed away in my filing cabinet. When I have completed the bags of stash laying around I will go through the 3 drawer filing cabinet. I am going to be very honest with myself and get rid of what I probably wont stitch. Now I don't included fabric in this inventory because I own heaps and what I don't own I just walk to Colours Down Under and cut a piece. Aaaah the joys of owning a LNS. LOL
Today I also decided to print out all the Gift of Stitching issues and put them in a file. I only look at the ones I have printed and I really do like this magazine. I think it is excellent value for money and the quality of content has excelled in this past year. I ran out of toner. Cyan colour to be exact. Bugger, Bugger, Bugger.


cathymk said...

Oh yay, Janine!!! Looks fantastic!!

Tannia said...

That looks just sensational Janine - I have that in my stash....someday...sigh

Nicole and Phil said...

Well done Janine,
this looks gorgeous!!!

Meari said...

Congrats on finishing Cloister. It looks great. Sorry to hear about the spillage on your stash. :(

Janine said...

Thank you all for your comments. Meari I was a little sad about my charts because I do like to keep them nice. I usually file them away alphabetically. The trouble is I have too much stash and had just never got around to it.

Georgie said...

Just gorgeous, Janine! How good is it to finish something???