Wednesday, January 31, 2007

I am so Lucky

To have so many wonderful stitching friends. Susan, Diane, Cathy & Marilyn came over on Sunday afternoon. We had a wonderful time. Stitching people are so lovely. Diane bought her Chatelaine's Medieval Mandala over. It is just mouth watering. The colours are gorgeous and Diane's stitching is so perfect. We also other pieces that she bought over. Susan bought over her Cross Eyed Cricket piece called Walk in the Woods. It is also lovely. Cathy wowed us with some of the exchanges she received and her SB bag that she had finished. Then I had another Kathy and Marilyn again come over on Monday and then on Tuesday I went out with Kathy, Marilyn and my daughter-in-law Laura for lunch and looks in bead shops. Today I was a little flat and low and behold Diane came after to work. What a lovely week it has been.

Anthony enjoyed his first day at school. I am tripping the light fantastic around here with joy because Anthony and school has always been such a worry and concern. He even came home and cooked dinner tonight. Having a happy lad makes such a difference.

Well just wanted to share


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Tannia said...

Yes we are very lucky as stitchers to be surrounded by like minded people Janine :)

Glad you had a good shopping day - I hate shopping for shoes with Liam and I suspect it will only get worse as he gets older too!!