Monday, January 14, 2008

A bit of a Yak

Thought I would have a bit of a chat otherwise it will be forever before I get around to it. I have no photos. I can't be bothered taking them. I might get Jacob to take some when he comes over tomorrow.

So Lindsay was 2 on Saturday. Where does the time go? I don't think she is a big Maine Coon girl. She just loves to be outside in the back garden during the day and runs around with her tail held up high. It reminds me of a horses main as they gallop through the fields. She hates being brushed much to the dismay of Anthony who now wears some of her protest scratches on his nose. Yep I should say that Lindsay pretty well does what she like. Well not always as she has to come inside late afternoon.

On the stitching front life is good. I am so motivated still. It has been at least a year if not slightly more since the mojo has re-entered my life. I have signed up for everything that presents itself on all the groups and boards I belong to. Not exchanges because really I still can't really cope with them. So tonight I have decided that I am never going to get my piece of fabric dyed to do the Wiehenburg Mystery sampler on. I have found a nice piece of 40 count in my stash that will do. I hope I still have found Down Under Blue by Dinky Dyes. I started Rosewood Manor's ABC Tapestry on 34 count Weddigen linen. I am stitching it with yet another Dinky Dye silk called Mingenew. No good looking for them yet as they are new releases at Nashville. There is a story as to why I have them already. The fabric colour for the ABC is what I would call Antique Ivory. My new favourite colour fabric. I started before the new year came in as a SAL on Mary Thompson which is an Ackworth Sampler (the chart is in the dust cover of the big Ackworth Book realeased last year. Tonight I am also starting a little Lorri Birmingham kit I got for Christmas. I am so near to finishing St Sofia by Papillon Creation. I am on the last page which is the bottom right hand corner of the outside border. I have stitched quite a bit of it. I tell you I will be happy when it is finished. I have decided to go in a SAL with some girls of the Drawn Thread's Marriage of the Minds. Oh and I have started Little House Needleworks "Tree of Life".

I went through everything last night and have chosen another about 12 designs to start. I also got out some of my wips/ufo's to stitch on. Did I mention that I boxed everything up and tidied it away because I couldn't stand the mess in my stitching room. The downside is that I need to go through the boxes to find things. I am joining the monthly challenge at the Haed BB and do you think I can find my QS I have? No I can't, so it looks like I will be stitching on the Winter Dreaming piece I started last year. So back into the boxes tomorrow to get some stitching on it.

I leave this on a sad note. My friend Sue has just phone to tell me her little brother Tim died of a massive heart attack on Saturday morning. He was only 45. How sad is that? Tim lived a busy life and did everything he ever wanted to. He even won a lot of money on Lotto. He survived a broken back. As I said to Sue.....Well we know the reason that that all the good luck happened to Tim because there was a greater plan that we didn't know about. He leaves behind a wife and three children. They were a tight knit family and I know that they will need the love of everyone around them to help them through the tough time ahead.

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