Tuesday, September 23, 2008

So as I Procrastinate

I make excuses from stitching. Now why I don't know because I am actually enjoying stitching these days. I have played Pogo and then looked on eBay and I shouldn't be as I am trying to break the habit. Haven't managed to yet but have reduced the buying.

Anyway I thought another cat picture would be good. This one is of the new cat enclosure that we have built. I say we when it really should be Alan as I have done nothing towards the actual physical building of it. I did do the planning. The cats love the new enclosure so now they can run up and down the side of the house and through the house and now they can sit out in the sun and roll in the dirt. In fact, I had words with Ruphert tonight about how dirty his feet were. As soon as the weather warms a bit and roll on lawn is available with green on it then the kids get some lawn to sit on. They need lawn to eat and roll on and then when that is down the hammock goes in. Well they need a place to laze in the sun.

Anyway the picture is of Millie, Harry and Ruphert in the new enclosure.

This next picture is of Harry & Millie


Anonymous said...

Love the new cat run - it's a great idea to give the cats some outside time in safety :)

Bliss said...

Oh Janine! I'm gonna need one of these for my Gypsy if I ever move house from where I am now! I make her sleep inside at night, and she will hide in any out-of-reach spot to avoid evening capture. LOL This would give her the best of both worlds, not to mention give Lucy and my Harry (our labradors) a tease.