Monday, September 08, 2008

Well I Am Going to Bore the Pants off You

By introducing my family. Well I thought I would. Firstly I thought I should introduce my cats. I will do this gradually over the weeks. I love my cats. I call them "The Kids". I am very happy with the 5 that I have (well the 15 year old says I only own 4 as he owns 1 of them).

This is my beautiful Harry. Harry is a Somali. My dear MIL Beryl bought him for me for my 50th birthday last year. He is a very naughty boy that likes to be in the thick of any activity that is going on in the house. He likes to help with housework, sorting out things, greeting visitors and anything else you don't want him doing. Actually he is gorgeous and has a lovely personality. He has not really chosen me as his human. He prefers Jacob. Jacob doesn't even live with us but comes over 4-5 days a week. Jacob loves Harry and says when he gets his own house he is getting 2 Somali's (now there is a person who likes trouble) and he is going to call them Tom & Dick so then we will have every Tom, Dick & Harry. Got to love that boy's humour. Harry was 1 on the 30th January this year. This picture is taken of him on his cat bed. It is heated for him so he wont be cold.


Anonymous said...

Janine, he's a beauty. I love his ears! Maybe I should post some updated pics of the girls. I wonder if my girls & your boys would get along? One of my girls got out yesterday & discovered that she didn't like it now that next door have many boy cats! ;)

Janine said...

Harry is a bit of an escape artist. We have a huge tree out the back that he would get up in and wouldn't come down. The hose fixed that and now he is eager to get out but only lasts a few minutes and then wants in. We have a run for them and a big enclosure with a play tower. We are going to put in roll on lawn and a hammock so they can sun themselves. They both link up to access from the laundry. I would love to see photos of your kids Alison.