Thursday, December 28, 2006

Christmas is over

And what a lovely time we had. The food was wonderful but I am sick of rich goodies. I am having spaghetti bolognaise for dinner tonight with salad. We all got lots of nice pressies. Laura gave me two photos she had enlarged from her holiday snaps. One is a sunset on a ferry going to the Greek Islands and the other is of a fishing village in the Greek Islands. They are lovely. They also gave me a lovely pendant. Kenric and Marilyn gave me some Thai silk with elephants on them (2 pieces) and a beautiful pearl and diamond necklace they bought in Thailand as well as some DVD's. I got Nottinghill. I only have the video of that and it is my favourite movie and also Ice Age 2 as I haven't seen it yet and Nanny McPhee as I have not seen that either.
Boxing Day we all went to the beach. Their were a good dozen or so of us and Alan took the boat and Kenric took the kayak and their were lots of other beach toys etc. Even though the day was hot the breeze came off the ocean so it was very pleasant under the shade of the (no not the coolabah tree) the Norfolk Island Pines.
Yesterday was a rest day. I slept for a good part of it. Did intend to stitch but was just too tired. Every time I go into my stitching room I end up laying down and vegging out.
Today my brother came for a visit. They have all had Gastro. Lovely Christmas present for them. Beth and Warren have escaped it. Mum and Dad are down with it now. So is Gail, Alison and I think Tyler and Ella were the ones who introduced it into the family. Oh Keith and Kristy also have it. Craig is better now so he came to visit. I always really enjoy seeing my brother. We are never short of conversation and he is such a sweetie.
So that is my update for now. Not very interesting but I have promised to bore everyone with my prattle.

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