Friday, December 22, 2006

Went out to dinner last night

I felt like a real grown up. It has been ages since I went out and the food was to die for. Went with Marilyn Campbell and a group of girls who do various sorts of needlework. I think most of them cross stitch. My framer was there as well so at the bottom of this I will put some pictures of my latest framed projects.
Yesterday Laura came over and put the tinsel up in the hall way, above the doors and in the loungeroom. So the house is now decorated. It has been so late this year. I feel it is almost not worth it. It is of course but I usually decorate on the 1st of December.
Jacob says it doesn't feel like like Christmas this year. I have offered to put on Christmas music but the offer has been declined. LOL He will be getting it Christmas day whether he likes it or not.
So today is finishing my Christmas shopping day. I am so tired. I didn't wake until 12 noon. Thankfully the shops are staying open until 9pm. I have to go in and assemble the shopping I have done so far and work out what else there is to buy. I think I will con one of the boys into coming with me. They just look at me with their big brown eyes and say okay but I can tell they don't want to. I feel so guilty all the time.
I have not done any stitching and I probably wont tonight. It is so frustrating. I get so fatigued and I end up just laying on my sofa and staring at the TV.
Alan got his new outboard motor yesterday. He has upgraded from a 15hp to a 25hp for his dingy. He also got three seats. They are really flash. I might (now remember I said might) get in the boat this summer and go for a ride. The seats have backs and little cushiony things. They fold down when not in use. He is grinning like anything and if I was conniving I could get what ever I wanted for the next week or so. I don't need to because I have everything I want.
Anyway enough of the ramble today. Will try and touch base again real soon.
The picture is my Drawn Thread Dandelion Sampler. I can't work out how to put pictures at the bottom yet and Jacob is in the shower so this is the only picture that I am uploading.


Alison said...

If you're using blogger's pics Janine, after uploading, it will have a html thingie pasted into your post. Just highlight it, cut it & paste it wherever you like cos it always puts it at the top whether you want it there or not. LOL.

Janine said...

Thanks Alison. Not sure I understand but will give it a go.