Tuesday, June 19, 2007

The Card Reader Arrived

And Jacob has showed me how to use it so I thought I would take a photo of the gorgeous bunch of pink roses that my oldest son gave me Monday night. He quite often arrives with flowers for his Mum. He is such a gorgeous lad.
Well life here has been hectic. Colours Down Under continues to take most of our time.
I have been stitching off and on. I have almost finished a little 4 My Boys freebie chart that Amanda Lake kitted up for me as a gift but I have run out of one of the threads. So I will need to try and find one that matches it. I don't really want to say which design it is as I want to stitch some more as gifts. I have started Long Dog's St Sylvestre on Black with a DD silk thread. I can't remember which colour it is. I will post a photo in my next post. I have made progress on St Sofia (well I had made progress and then discovered a big mistake so I need to pull it out).
Harry the Somali has been given some new nicknames. Helpful Harry being one of them. He loves to help. He dive bombs off the top of the monitor onto the key board when we are typing. he likes to balance on the back of the computer chairs and climb from one to the other chair. Jake and I have both out as we put CDU's stock onto the website. He does the computer stuff and I package, price weigh etc etc. The other name for Harry is Ricochet Rabbit. He ricochets off the walls when he is feeling energetic. That is only about 3 or 4 times a day. He has discovered how to open my thread drawers where I store all my spare DMC's and pulls out skeins of threads and runs around the house with them. He is not in the least frightened of the vacuum cleaner and helps Alan vacuum the house. He especially like to be in amongst the cushions on the sofa's when they are being vacuumed.
Well that is enough for this post. I will be adding lots more photos from now on.


Meari said...

Congrats on the new card reader. I love mine! Your flowers are absolutely beautiful. :)

cathymk said...

Yay we'll be seeing more pix now! What beautiful flowers.

Tannia said...

I love my card reader too! Glad that we don't have to rely on Jacob for photos now :) The flowers are lovely......now some pictures of Harry if you please!

Amanda said...


Which thread did you run out of? I probably have some more in the stash that I can send you!


Amanda said...


Which thread did you run out of? I probably have some more in the stash I can send you if you need.