Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Some Stitching Updates

Okay I am on a roll I think. I have had the said camera out and I have so far been able to upload the pics onto the computer. Lets see how it works out to get them on here. LOL
This is the progress that I have made on St Sofia. The colour of the fabric hasn't come out as well as I would have liked. It is called Nasturtium. It is one of my hand dyes. The mistake is around where the needle is. I am going to see Marilyn Campbell on Friday so I will pull it out then and continue on. I have only the border around the middle to do and then I am complete. So over a quarter of that stitched. It is a big stitch but not hard.

The next Photo is of the progress of The Vierlanden Mystery that I
am part taking in. I am a tad behind as I only joined at page 27. I have almost completed page 3. I am bringing in a red colour to compliment the black. I am really enjoying the stitching on this piece. I am stitching it on a Permin (I think) maybe 28 count. I really can't be bothered counting it to see and it will easily fit on the piece of fabric.

Thirdly this next photo is of the Long Dog's St Sylvestre. I have only just started this one. It is on black 28 count. I think it is a Jubilee as it is a more open weave than Jobelan. I like it anyway and it is not all that difficult to stitch on. The thread is a silk of Jo's. Dinky Dyes I mean. Not sure of the colour. I must look. Will up date this later.


Tannia said...

WOW! Janine - I've not seen St Sofia before...I wonder's lovely and I am sure I would have remembered it!

Vierlander looks fabulous and so does the St Sylvestre....I'm really enjoying my Long Dog too :)

Janine said...

Tannia, I forgot to say this is a Papillon Creations design. Yvonne's designs are gorgeous and such a joy to stitch.

Karen said...

You have wonderful progress on all three WIPs - St. Sofia is gorgeous! Well done on all! If this is your first Long Dog, be warned; they are like potato chips and cats - you can't have just one :)

Stitching-by-Jean said...

Janine, your St Sofia is really beautiful, as well as your Vierlande SAL and your LDS. I have yet to start my Vierlande, I have to finish LDS Bienvenue first which is almost done.

Then I will be SALing along with everyone else.

cathymk said...

WOW Janine, I love he Long Dog piece. You have chosen a lovely thread to stitch with on the dark fabby. Nice one!!

Vierlanden is also looking fab!

The Librarian said...

Really love the stitching Janine - such gorgeous colours!

xx J.

Ruth said...

Great progress on the Vierlanden! Any minute now you'll pass me and I started day 1. lol
Congrats on all the lovely stitching!!!!!!!

Nicole and Phil said...

they are all gorgeous!!
great progress pictures!

Terry said...

Wow you have been really busy not like me as of late I do not seem to be getting much done, I too am doing the Vierlande SAL and I am using Carries Creations Double Shot for the main and Caribou Hyde when I start mine and I have been there since day one but other stuff keeps getting in my way.

I hope that you don't mind but I have added your Blog link to my Blog.

I just adore your latest puss cat, I have just lost the last of mine but she was a good age and she had a good life.


Janine said...

Thanks for the comments everyone. I have had some good stitching days since I last posted a blog. I am just about ready to update that.