Wednesday, June 06, 2007

I Wish I Wouldn't leave

It so long in between blogs. I have had a 100 things that I could tell you about but it would just end up being really boring to everyone. I haven't been stitching so much these last weeks. My fibromyalgia doesn't like the cold weather and I have been fighting chronic tiredness again. Oh well that is life! Did I mention that I finished Needle in A Garden? Well I did. I went away on a stitchy weekend and finished it on the Sunday when I got back. I am going ahead with St Sofia but not as fast as I thought. I have all the centre finished and a quarter of the wide border. Well probably a tad over that. I also have completed part 1 and some of part 2 of the Chatelaine Anniversary design. It is going to be gorgeous. When I got the second part of the chart I thought Oh boring but it is going to be gorgeous when this bit is done. It is all gold and rich and lovely. I should have started on part one of the SAL of the Wiehenburg Quaker but after a big chat with Martina herself the other night I am going to wait until she sends me some fabric she wants me to try and flower threads. Woohooo. That is what I am going to stitch it in. Also I am ready to start the Vierlanden Mystery Sampler. I am going to stitch it on a mystery fabric that I can't even be bothered to find out the count of. It looks like a Permin to me. I have it big enough if it is 28 count and anything smaller wont matter. I am using black and 347 red DMC. I so want to start that beautiful sampler in the TGOS by Sampler Cove. What an excellent issue this month. Very mouth watering. When I get Alan's pay this week I am going to buy a card reader (I think that is what Jacob told me it was) for my digital camera. I have lost the cord that hooks up to the computer and I never knew how to use it anyway and always had to wait for Jakey to upload the photos. I am a big girl now so I will learn how to upload my photos myself and then I can show you all photos of my stash stuff and my stitching updates and my kitty kat Harry and my big girl Lindsay. Did I tell you that my latest thing to collect is sewing boxes? Alan stayed home from work today as our work ute (truck) needed some serious (or so we thought) mechanicing on it. EGADS!!!!! luckily he went over and put a new toilet in at Jarrad's (our son) place while the parcel postman arrived. Three huge packages and not for Colours Down Under. All sewing boxes. They are lovely. Well I think so anyways. Anyway enough of the jibber for now and hopefully another post very soon with photos. Yippee!!!!!

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Tannia said...

What a lovely long newsy post :) Can't wait to see piccies :)