Saturday, June 23, 2007

Marilyn Chair by Cat's Whiskers

The photos underneath show the Cat's Whiskers Chair that Marilyn
Campbell has stitched. We are lucky that we know a girl by the name of Helen that does all of our finishing and she has put the chair together. (And yes she does work for everyone and her costs are very reasonable). Marilyn's decor didn't lend to stitching the chair in the colours recommended so she chose her own. The variagated colour is DMC Variant and then the plain colour is just a DMC to match it. She even got some scrap booking paper and lined her draw in a reddy colour. The feet are some gorgeous big red beads. I hope you enjoy looking at this stunning chair.


dragonxser said...

absolutely gorgeous work Marilyn - and how nice of you Janine to showcase Marilyn's lovely work! I took the liberty of adding you to my blogroll :)

KathyN in sunny southern Alberta

Meari said...

The chair is great!

Terry said...

This is really lovely, I still have got mine to do


Tannia said...

I'm just about to start this Janine :) I hope I can put it together when it's done!!!!

Lizzie said...

Hi! Love this chair! Must put it on my wishlist at once, waht a novelty!

See from a previous post that you have fibro? Poor you! Still, you *can* get rid of it. I got rid of CFS/ME, which is a variation on the same theme. I did Mickel Therapy, which is now available in Aus, so do look it up and have a go. It's well worth it to be free of the pain and suffering.

Hope you post again soon as your blog is lovely. Do visit mine some time, although it's been a bit dull of late...=(

Elisabeth, UK=)

Anonymous said...

so lovely!!!