Thursday, January 25, 2007

God I hate the summer

It is hot here. I hate it. Hot again tomorrow. Why can't we have more winter and less sun? LOL Did I tell you I hate Armadale in the summer. It reminds me of Mingenew in the summer. That was a hell hole I can tell you. At least we have air-conditioning. Just thought I would share that little bit of how I feel about summer. LOL
Well Colours Down Under is getting organised. Laura, Jacob and I have been sorting and sorting. We are nearly done now. Laura is going to rearrange the room. We dyed today. I am in love with my new hand dyes. They are not on site because we haven't named them yet. I think I need to get a life because all I think about is dyeing. Laura tells me it is good to passionate about what I like doing.
Anyway not a lot happened today. I did go to my piano lesson. I love learning to play the piano. It has been about 18 months since I started. It is such a joy and I love to spend the time with Gwen who is not only my teacher but my cousin.
I am going to sign up for quilting classes. I have always been in love with heavily quilted quilts. I bought a kit quite a few years ago. It is white and has the outlines of the quilting to be done on the fabric. I also have the backing piece so I just needed the wadding or whatever it is called. I dropped into a local patchwork & quilting shop this week and have found out when they have classes. Apparently they will help me set it all up. So that is my new thingy for this year.
Did I mention that Tracey from the GTG group phoned yesterday. It was lovely to hear from her and I could hear James in the background. He says no really good. Trace is such a sweetie. I can imagine her gorgeous smile. She has the happiest face I have ever seen. I am so looking forward to catching up with everyone again. How disappointing it is that Susan cannot come. Oh well we will have to make sure we recount every detail to her.


Mel said...

Its so hot out Armadale way. I live in Byford and its stinking hot. Doesn't help that there is no insulation and the air con does work. We are moving to Waikiki in about a week or so. So much cooler over near the water.
I'm just off to look at colours down under, never knew about that. I love hand dyed fabric

Janine said...

Mel, You can always come over and see them in real life. No aircon on a day like today. It was hot even in Waikiki today. I was over that way.

Tannia said...

Hee hee come to Melbourne Janine - lots of winter here although a fair share of warmth this year too - but made much more bearable by the fact that each really hot day is generally followed by a week of freezing :)