Tuesday, January 09, 2007

My New Rotation

For this year. I have had so much trouble sticking to a rotation but I seem to have found a way I can sort of get the stitching I want to get done, done.

Every time or day I stitch I have to put a length of thread into the dreaded Tigers. This is my official UFO for the year and I hate stitching it. It is for a friend so I have to do it. I am not the sort of person who will just sit down and stitch it to get it done. If I had to do that I wouldn't stitch anything. Anyway this seems to be working for me.

Next during the day I will stitch on a Dimensions Petite kit called Mai (I think it is that one). I started that on 31st December. Well it was a restart really. I put about 20 stitches into the aida in kit and then put it away because I really hate stitching on aida. I am well on the way with this one and it wont be long before I reach the halfway mark. This will be a model for my shop.

Then I have 7 other projects that I have chosen for my night time stitching. I very rarely go out at night so it would be possible (unless I have a flare) to stitch each project each week. But it is not sheep stations, as I would say, if I don't. If I get sick of one of them then I can substitute one of the other 71 projects that are waiting in the wings to be stitched on. actually it would be slightly more than that.

When I have finished Mai I will move up St Sofia to the daytime stitch as I need to get that finished for a shop model as well.

Here are the projects I have chosen in my rotation.

Three Things Sampler by Moira Blacburn. I have nearly a third of that done. I am stitching it over 1.
Cloister Garden by Drawn Thread. I am nearly at the half way mark with this one. Up close it is sickly in colour so I keep stalling with it but when held back it looks terrific. I have chosen quite a sickly pink colour by my most favourite hand dyed fabrics, Silkweavers, called Strawberry Milkshake. It is not a colour I would generally choose but it does look gorgeous. I have also stitched it with two threads instead of one which makes the colours very strong.

Peacock Cypher by Just Nan. I nearly threw this one in the corner. I made a huge mistake on the last band in section 2. It is a big band and I had completed nearly all of it. One of those mistakes that have to be frogged. Well frogged it is and I have done about half of the band again. I had hoped to finish this last year but that mistake was just too much.

The Potting Shed by Shepherd's Bush. I just love this project. I have done about 2 or 3 bands. I wanted this kit for years and then lucky me obtained it at our last TWGTG at the Crewel Gobelin in Sydney for a very little $40.00.

St Sofia. I am not certain how much I have done of this one. Nearly a quarter I think. I am stitching it on my Nasturtium fabric in the Byzantine Colourway. It is gorgeous. It is a shop model and when the days of the shop is over then it will probably go to one of the girls because I don't think it is really my colour scheme.

Miss Hathaway Garden by Marty Bell. This is a restart. I am now doing it on my Outback Blue. I had started it on grey. Why I don't know because I am not fond of the colour grey. It has not very many stitches in it so far.

And last but not least A Medieval Garden by Counted Illuminations. I am starting it tonight. Gorgeous design. I own two designs of this lady and I want one more called Galleon & Sea Monsters and then I will be happy. And if you believe that then you'll believe anything.

My picture tonight is a model stitched for me by the lovely Diane. Her stitching is one of the most perfect stitching I have ever seen. It is such a privilege to have her stitch this model for me. It is a Crossed Stitch Art design called Art Nouveau Lily.


Anonymous said...

Your new rotation sounds great Janine :) I hope it works for you - I am so hopeless at rotations - I just never feel like stitching what is next on the list :)

I have always used the "screaming rotation" method - I just stitch on the one of many projects I have started that is calling me the loudest :)


Janine said...

Tannia, I would stake my life on it not lasting. I am already starting not to feel like stitching. I would so like to finish some of my wips. All the best for your move. I am looking forward to seeing photos of your new house.