Tuesday, January 30, 2007

I am knackered

I went out today to a wholesale bead place and then we went down to Fremantle and onto "Little Creatures" for lunch. I was a bit disappointed with the bead place but did pick up quite a few of those watchmaker tins for very cheap. They are not really good enough to sell as they are scratched and marked but I am guessing I can get rid of them or use them anyway. LOL No luck with beads for the shop. I am think I am going to have to fax Maria George again and try to get an account.
I am really close to finishing Cloister Garden. I nearly had the last little in-between band done but discovered on the last ray stitch that I had started it one thread in. So the frog started to croak and I am about half pulled out. I would love to chuck it into the corner but strangely enough I feel like finishing it. Or my little brain is talking sensibly for a change. Then it is just one band to go. There is a small Lori Birmingham kit I started last year that is also not that far off finishing that I may pop into the rotation after that and finish that. I have to finish more than 13 this year. Most of my starts are BAPS so anything small is a bit welcome.
I took Anthony shoe shopping when I got back from bead shopping. I hate taking Anthony shoe shopping as he hates wearing shoes and doesn't like 99% of shoes so it is like pulling teeth. Wonders will never cease. First shop and third pair of shoes. Yippee for Spendless Shoes. No brand names for this kid. He is not the least interested in brand name shoes. A whole $29.95 later. So I let him have a you beaut file for school as well. This year has been a cheap start to school. No new uniform needed as the one from last year still fits him. I just have to pay the fees. I will do that in a month or so. And wonders will never cease he is going to walk to Emily's house and walk to school with her. What has come over the boy???? At least he is not sleeping in my room this year with his panic attacks. Instead he is pulling out the sofa bed in the games room and sleeping there. I don't care. If that is how he wants to handle his anxiety then that is fine by me. Walking to school Woohooo!!!!! Did I mention his school is 5 minutes walk away. I usually have to drive him. He does walk home though.
Well looked through my hand dyed fabric. I am such a dickhead. Don't really know what I thought was wrong with them. I do prefer the new dyes though so will keep on with them. Will keep a few of the old colours going. That's all I think.


cathymk said...

I'm glad you are liking your hand-dyes again - they looked spectacular on Sunday, but we are all our own worst judge!

I'd love to see a finished Cloister Garden next time we meet...

Anonymous said...

Janine, glad to hear that Anthony's doing well. It's always such a worry when they're not. My DD started high school this week and I'm hoping she'll start walking by herself pretty soon. :)