Monday, January 22, 2007

I shouldn't leave it so long in between blogs

Because I end up having too much to say. LOL Well firstly I want to show you my progress on Cloister Garden by Drawn Thread. It is in my rotation. I have not moved onto the next piece because I was enjoying the stitching so much I just wanted to keep on stitching it. It is finishable so I may keep on going until it is completed. Stitching this has made me realise why I love Drawn Thread designs so much. They are such fun and so quick to stitch.
Well life has been busy. Mum turned 79 on Saturday. I can tell you that because they are not on the net and she can't use a computer anyway. In fact, she wont use one and was very nervy for the little time they were on the net. I don't know what she thought was going to happen. They went on the net because my brother Craig went overseas for a few years and it was a way to keep in touch. Mum would read the emails but would not reply to them. We (meaning Jacob and I) were relieved when Craig came home and Mum talked Dad out of having the net on. He is a bit of a bugger my Dad. Not only did he forget how to use different aspects of the computer in between sessions on the computer but he just could not help himself when it came to opening/not opening suspect emails. Jacob constantly had to go over and get rid of virus. (Did I mention they live 5 houses away?) Anyway he does have a computer and we have loaded on a lot of those $9.95 games so he can play Solitaire/Mahjong or whatever to his hearts content.
Anyway I digress. Mum's birthday. My sister Annette and brother Craig and his wife Gail came over for afternoon tea yesterday afternoon. I think Mum really enjoyed herself. I chose to have it here because we have recently found out that Mum's very bad back is not a progression of arthritis as she thought (we didn't) but she had a fall in November (which she didn't tell us about) and fractured a vertebrae. The poor old dear has been in agony. She is stubborn about getting help I can tell you.
Well Marilyn and I are going to our adventure in March. I booked our tickets today. A week in Sydney wont hurt us too much I don't think.
Another thing is that I have decided to discontinue all my hand dye fabric. I have sent a few people in a bit of a flurry but I have been a bit unhappy with them for awhile. After a big meeting with the other two partners we decided to keep my stress levels down we would stop producing this line of hand dyes but never fear for the few who seem to like what I produce there is another range being developed. I will be selling off my hand dyes soon and then when I have the next range ready I will be twisting that boys arm up behind his back to get the new range on the computer.
The picture is a model stitched for me by my dear friend Kathy. It is called Life is Change and is a Cross Stitch Art design. It is stitched on Outback Blue 28 count Jubilee. I am so lucky to have such good and generous friends who help me out with my business by model stitching for me in exchange for a bit of stash and help me make decisions with the business and of course buy my stuff and give me loads of encouragement and confidence to continue.

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cathymk said...

Love how Cloister garden is coming along Janine!