Saturday, January 13, 2007

I have been learning

How to use this blog even more. Today I have learnt how to put photos in amongst the ramblings. I have added a Stitcher's Link and I would love to add more names to it. Please email me with your link. And I have learnt how to put links within my ramblings so this post is going to have links. LOL
I have been stitching on my rotation that I mentioned in an earlier post. I think once a month I shall post updates on the stitching. The Tiger is being stitched on the days that I stitch. I just put in one or two threads depending. Mai is coming along nicely. I really enjoyed my stitching session on Three Things Sampler. It is such a lovely sampler. I haven't done quite as much as I thought. There is still a bit to go before I can claim a third done. Lastly I have stitched on Peacock Cypher this week.
I should also put in the links to our Kitties pictures. Lindsay was one yesterday. Jacob took some lovely pictures of her. She is such a sweetie. She is the watcher. She likes to keep an eye on what is happening in the house. Just loves to be pet but is not really keen on being picked up. I love her gentle personality. Georgia on the other hand is an extrovert. What a clown. She keeps us in fits of laughter and just loves to be in everything. She also enjoys a cuddle. The two girls have bought such joy into our lives and sure have eased the grief we felt when Mickey was killed. All I can say is thank god for cats.


Tannia said...

Yay for you Janine - now I challenge you with learning something new about blogging every week :) Soon you'll be the expert. I think the more that you blog the more you learn, so keep up the good work - I'm enjoying hearing all about your kitties too :)


cathymk said...

Ooooh! I like the three things sampler - very pretty!
Lovely to see pics of your rotation pieces.
Your cats are gorgeous!! I'd be miserable without a Cat in the house.